Entrepreneurship, Human Resources

New Work

The “New Work” working group sees itself as an information and exchange platform for HR managers and entrepreneurs who want to open up to new approaches to collaboration and cooperation. In the context of globalization and digitization, the world of work is currently undergoing a transformation. Classical wage work, in which professional activities are implemented according to the strict specifications of employers, is increasingly fading into the background.

Alternative and flexible approaches that give employees more decision-making options, flexibility and personal development opportunities are increasingly becoming the focus of modern corporate and employee management. As part of the working group, concepts such as open desk offices, agile teams, coworking and trust culture will be presented, questioned and illustrated with best practices. The goal is the further development of companies in the area of human resources management and cooperation.


Bild Arbeitskreisleiter

Florian Purchess
WAKU Robotics GmbH
+49 172 4036 490


Bild der Arbeitskreisleiterin

Yvonne Horn


  • Presentation of modern IT infrastructures and agile working methods
  • Targeted qualification of employees
  • Presentation of smart office concepts
  • Addressing the issues of labor law and health
  • Establishment of an appropriate management style

Target group of the working group

  • Human Resources
  • Entrepreneur:inside

Added value of the working group

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Best practices in modern IT technologies and agile working methods
  • Insight into the work and organizational structures of other companies
  • Continuing education