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The present and future are digital – and we live in the middle of it! In our technology magazine NEXT, you can find out all about the latest developments in microelectronics, skilled workers, software and smart systems. We show you how rapidly the world is developing in the technology sector and how exciting it might look tomorrow. Join us to discover innovations, tech players, gimmicks and much more to marvel at!

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NEXT 02/2023: Microelectronics

European microelectronics is booming, thanks in part to the European Chips Act, which came into force on September 21, 2023. But what does microelectronics actually mean? Why is Europe pushing for more sovereignty? How is Germany currently positioned as a semiconductor location? Why is Saxony booming and what role do European and international collaborations play in this? Our magazine offers you a compact overview and, if you are interested, directs you to further online articles.

Smart Systems

NEXT 01/2023: Smart Systems

NEXT on the topic of “Smart Systems” provides a well-founded, varied and exciting insight into relevant topics of the smart world – from the question of what makes a system “smart” in the first place, to European players, to “deep dives” into the areas of Smart Factory, Smart Building, Smart Logistics and Smart Mobility. We also cover various technology focal points from hardware, software and connectivity, as well as cross-cutting topics such as sustainability, energy efficiency and how AI will change the smart world.

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NEXT 02/2022: Microelectronics

Production stoppages, delivery difficulties, price increases – the semiconductor shortage made the importance of the microelectronics industry clear. Saxony is also continuing to work on ending the shortage – with excellent research, new materials, pioneering technologies and fully automated factories.

Our magazine provides an overview of all relevant topics relating to microelectronics. It also offers the opportunity to obtain in-depth information online. You can look forward to exciting details on chip production, areas of application, future-proof jobs and the immensely important promotion of the industry. You will be amazed at the importance of microelectronics in your life.

This first version of NEXT “In Focus: Microelectronics” was completely revised in November 2023.


NEXT 01/2022: Professionals

With NEXT on the subject of skilled workers, we are addressing the central and major challenge facing our industries: the increasing shortage of skilled workers. Find out about exciting solutions, recruiting formats, the enthusiasm of generations “Z” as well as “Alpha” and much more. Together with you, we are already committed to those who will shape our ever-changing working world tomorrow.

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Juni 2024: Software

Software ist allgegenwärtig und doch für viele nur schwer greifbar. Wie funktioniert sie? Was ermöglicht sie uns? Was wird in Sachsen, Deutschland und der Welt in diesem Bereich entwickelt? Wie verändern das Quantencomputing, Künstliche Intelligenz und Co. die klassischen Programmierarbeiten? Wir schauen mit Ihnen in eine spannende Branche.