Entrepreneurship is THE driving force behind the growth of Silicon Saxony and its members. In the corresponding competence area, we deal with topics such as start-ups and growth, but also with so-called soft issues such as diversity and sustainability. The topics relating to cluster management in the narrower sense are also assigned to this competence area.

The competence area also promotes exchange between start-ups, established companies and research institutions in order to jointly develop innovative solutions and open up new markets. In addition to financing, the support also focuses on consulting, coaching and networking.

Relevant projects

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EXCITE aims to strengthen cluster management and facilitate exchange and strategic partnership between cluster staff and cluster members by using the ClusterXchange system. ClusterXchange is a new pilot project to promote short-term exchanges to better connect industrial ecosystems in Europe. The focus of the project will be skills, processes and services related to digital transformation – both in relation to the cluster organization itself and to its members, in order to be able to support them in successfully accessing global markets.

Silicon Eurocluster

In the Silicon Eurocluster project, we are continuing our networking with European cluster partners who are also active in the field of microelectronics or digitization. There is the possibility for small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain financing for their own projects.

Projektlogo Silicon Eurocluster

Relevant News



Diversity has been proven to be a good driver of innovation. Therefore, the topic naturally also plays an important role in Silicon Saxony. In addition to a working group in which this is exchanged, we are involved in numerous other initiatives.


At the latest since the “Cool Silicon” Leading-Edge Cluster, which focused on energy efficiency in ICT, the topic of sustainability has also played an important role for the players in Silicon Saxony. In this section you will find important news about the topic.


Silicon Saxony is the ideal environment for DeepTech start-ups and scale ups. The region is home to Staffbase, Wandelbots, Senorics and many more. Find out more about relevant players in the network, important events and other activities on the topic here.