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Yvonne Keil
GlobalFoundries Dresden

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Dear Readers,

European microelectronics is booming, also thanks to the European Chips Act, which came into force on September 21, 2023. Saxony in particular has been able to rejoice since then, as it continues to maintain its exceptional position in Europe with the latest news from TSMC, Infineon, Bosch and GlobalFoundries. The microelectronics heart of the continent beats here today and in the future.

But what do we actually mean by microelectronics? Why is Europe pushing for more sovereignty? How is Germany currently positioned as a semiconductor location? Why is Saxony booming and what role do European and international collaborations play in this? Our booklet offers you a compact overview and, if you are interested, directs you to further online articles.

Enjoy the reading.

Yours Yvonne Keil
Sr. Director Global Supply Management, GlobalFoundries Dresden
Member of the Silicon Saxony Executive Committee

Location map

Germany’s microelectronics
landscape – The semiconductor heart
Europe beats here

Absolutely cutting-edge research, world-class product development, highly and fully automated production factories – the semiconductor heart of Europe beats in Germany. Locations such as the microelectronics valley Silicon Saxony in particular have long since made a name for themselves worldwide. But where are the chips of tomorrow actually being developed? Where are the big fabs in the industry? Which companies and institutions shape the German semiconductor market? Our location map provides a quick overview.


Global comparison of market shares and investment volumes in microelectronics

20 percent market share. In view of the microelectronics heavyweights Asia and the USA, Europe’s ambitious goals seem sporty, perhaps even overambitious. We have taken a closer look at the investment volumes and dedicated a follow-up article to the question of whether Europe can achieve the targets it has set itself.

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