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Human Resources Development

The working group focuses on networking and the exchange of experience among HR managers in the various areas of personnel development. We pursue active cooperation in all areas of personnel and management development. The focus is on raising awareness, especially among medium-sized companies and institutions in Saxony, of sustainable human resources development issues and approaches.

In times of increasing shortage of skilled workers and managers, the working group would like to support regional companies in raising and developing their own skilled worker potential. The focus is on strategic personnel development approaches as well as the transfer of know-how and methods from strategic and operational personnel development.


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Dipl.-Soz. / Dipl.-Soz.Arb. Dirk Gnewekow
Gnewekow Consulting
+49 172 66 79 545


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  • Knowledge transfer of strategic and operational personnel development
  • Networking of human resources managers

Target group of the working group

  • Human Resources
  • Management

Added value of the working group

  • Open exchange of experiences
  • Presentation of established best practices
  • Communication of strategic personnel development approaches
  • Solutions for the growing shortage of specialists and managers

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