Microelectronics, Smart Systems, Software

Advanced Automation & Robotics

The working group “Advanced Automation & Robotics” was established in the course of the Saxon Robot Valley Initiative and sees itself as a part of it. The activities of the working group are to support the perception of local and regional developments, projects and actors. The latter are to be networked in an even more targeted manner with the help of the working group. In addition, the focus is on the connection to training, teaching as well as research, development and innovation.

Through networking and joint projects, start-ups are also supported and application possibilities in the technology field of “Advanced Automation and Robotics” are expanded and disseminated. In the long term, the aim is to exploit the potential of the sector in conjunction with the local semiconductor industry and also to develop new solutions for the manufacturing industry and the skilled trades, for example. This is done in close cooperation with the subject areas of sensor technology, software and automation technologies.


Bild Arbeitskreisleiter

Jonas Schreiber
Wandelbots GmbH


Bild Arbeitskreisleiter

Martin Däumler
Fabmatics GmbH


  • Identify and network stakeholders
  • Break down and present competencies
  • Develop definitions and delimitations
  • Develop new solutions and make them accessible
  • Share and develop knowledge and technologies

Target group of the working group

  • Users:inside of robotics solutions
  • Robotics solutions provider
  • Suppliers

Added value of the working group

  • Access to the Saxon Robot Valley Initiative
  • Networking with players in the robotics and automation sector
  • Knowledge and technology transfer
  • Partnering and matchmaking