The shortage of labor and skilled workers has been the defining issue in recent years. Well over 100,000 jobs remain unfilled in the ICT sector. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, which according to the German government are “the backbone of the German economy,” are being affected and are having to tighten their proverbial belts. Silicon Saxony is also increasingly concerned about this development. At the special request of its members, Saxony’s largest high-tech network has therefore also been dedicated to this extremely challenging topic since 2020.


Bild der Mitarbeiterin
Drei Menschen in einem dunklen Raum mit einem Tisch. Vor dem Tisch stehen eine rothaarige Frau links und ein braunhaariger mann rechts. Hinter dem Tisch ein weißhaariger Mann, der auf den jüngeren zeigt.

Saxony needs IC designers

Change The World – Edition 2025

To get young people interested in chip design, 15 Saxon companies joined forces and produced a recruiting video in the style of modern NETFLIX series. In the movie, Emma, a chip designer from the year 2050, accidentally meets Max, who works as a chip designer in the year 2025. Silicon Saxony led the project.

Position paper

Strategy paper: Securing skilled workers 2030

Many numbers, many statistics have been moved, quoted, discussed in the past months. As a result, they all painted the same picture: Germany is heading for an enormous shortage of skilled workers, and is already in the middle of it in some sectors and occupational fields. Unser Strategiepapier gibt konkrete Handlungsempfehlungen.


Strong network – strong performance

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