Lobbying in Silicon Saxony

Lobbying, i.e. representing the interests of our members vis-à-vis political decision-makers at regional, national and, in some cases, EU level, is one component of the association’s work. In addition to regular participation in various committees and exchanges with politicians, it also includes communicating these interests in the form of position or strategy papers.

In this section of the website, we provide information about this work and also communicate opportunities for participation in current or planned legislation.

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Position and strategy papers

Part of the Silicon Saxony association’s work is to regularly inform political decision-makers in particular about the requirements, needs, challenges, interests and opportunities of our ecosystem. This is done thematically focussed in the form of so-called position papers. Strategic documents for the further development of the region or individual thematic areas are also developed in close cooperation with the members of our cluster and published here, among other things.