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With almost 500 members, Silicon Saxony is the largest high-tech network in Saxony, one of the largest ICT clusters in Germany and the largest microelectronics cluster in Europe. Completely self-financed, Silicon Saxony has been connecting manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, colleges/universities, research institutes, public institutions and industry-relevant start-ups in Saxony and beyond since its foundation in 2000.

The thematic focus of the cluster is on the technological trends of the present and future – e.g. artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, Internet of Things, sensor technology, energy efficiency, neuromorphic or edge computing. As a close cooperation partner of the Dresden Smart Systems Hub and the Leipzig Smart Infrastructure Hub, Silicon Saxony also offers direct access to the topics, projects and locations of the Digital Hub Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Silicon Saxony – Germany’s largest high-tech network

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