Internationalization is a challenge that is easier to master together. It is not only small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that can count on our support here – whether entering foreign markets, exchanging ideas with regions and players in other nations, or cooperating on a European or international level. With its contacts to all relevant ICT regions in Europe and numerous worldwide, Silicon Saxony offers a competent point of contact as well as sound support. We make internationalization easy for you.

In addition to excellent connections to European and international microelectronics and ICT clusters, foreign chambers of commerce, business development agencies and numerous other helpful players, Silicon Saxony also offers information on various target markets or establishes further contacts for you upon request. Numerous trade fairs, delegation trips and specialist conferences in relevant markets are also offered, as well as helpful knowledge and technology transfer in working groups or in international cooperation projects.

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Years of cooperation with other European high-tech locations

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Cooperations & contacts with European countries

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active projects with international partners

At home in Saxony, at home in the world

The focus countries of Silicon Saxony

Through joint projects, events and the Silicon Europe Network, we have been able to establish many contacts within and outside Europe with networks, industry associations, research institutes, ministries, chambers of foreign trade, business development agencies and companies. We have monthly exchanges with some of them.

If you are looking for suitable contacts in the marked countries, please contact us!

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The European Cluster Alliance for Innovative Electronics and Software Technologies

Silicon Saxony is a partner of the European association Silicon Europe. In this, the continent’s leading electronics and digitization clusters work together to represent, support and promote the companies and organizations of their regional and national technology networks at European and global level. Silicon Europe thus acts as an intermediary between all relevant partners from research and education, authorities and industry.

A total of eleven renowned European clusters make up this association. The goal is to form the world’s leading center for innovative electronics and software technologies.

Silicon Saxony is your easy access to Europe’s leading microelectronics regions.

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