Research and development (R&D) is the systematic search for new knowledge, using scientific methods in a planned manner. While research is generic creation of new knowledge, development means first use in application or in a practical context. Saxony as a region is very active in both fields. Many players from universities over research organisations up to highly innovative companies are headquartered in Saxony or have a location here.

The working group funding aims at connecting them with regard to direct exchange for R&D cooperation. Consequently, latest funding (grant) opportunities from local up to EU level are distributed and working group enhances creation of concrete research and development partnerships. The team supports in partner search, offers advice for funding programmes and project management.


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Bild der Mitarbeiterin


  • Enhancing communication for finding project partners
  • Support for initialisation of projects
  • Trend search
  • Publishing recent funding opportunities

Target group of the working group

  • scientists
  • researchers
  • development engineers
  • project managers

Added value of the working group

  • networking of R&D related staff
  • support for finding partners
  • information related to R&D developments and general trends

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