Smart Systems

Smart Systems & Internet of Things

The working group “Smart Systems & Internet of Things” is the point of contact for competences and activities covering smart systems and respective applications. The connection of hardware, software and connectivity offers fantastic opportunities for innovation, new business and sustainable growth.

At the same time, smart systems for a core competency of the region Silicon Saxony and its numerous providers, users and researchers within the Internet of Things (IoT). In close cooperation with the Smart Systems Hub (LINK), the working group facilitates knowledge exchange, strategic developments and supports our members to benefit from this complex issue.


Bild Arbeitskreisleiter

Christoph Kögler
Infineon Technologies Dresden
+49 351 886 7945


Bild der Arbeitskreisleiterin

Dr. Martina Vogel
Fraunhofer ENAS
+49 371 4500 1203


  • Knowledge exchange related to IoT technologies and applications
  • Matchmaking of market demands and innovations from the network
  • Initiation of co-innovation projects (implementation by Smart Systems Hub)
  • contact brokerage and network building

Target group of the working group

  • Companies that want to deploy IoT solutions
  • Providers of IoT products, projects and technologies, especially hardware (e.g., sensors, actors), software (e.g. IoT platforms) and connectivity
  • RTOs being active in any element of the IoT value chain

Added value of the working group

  • State-of-the-art knowledge from our members and beyond – every working group meeting basically is a mini conference
  • Insights into trends and activities of the Smart Systems Hub
  • Enabling IoT and other networks
  • competent support regarding technological and business related challenges
  • valuable contacts to potential clients and suppliers

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