Technological focus topics, social moods, political positions or the coordinated organization of trade fairs, conferences and other events – Silicon Saxony actively involves its members, partners and the public in decision-making and communication.

Here you will find all current surveys of our network. Take part, because: Your opinion counts!


Member survey 2024

More than 520 members now make up Europe’s largest microelectronics network and one of Germany’s largest ICT networks, Silicon Saxony. But how satisfied are our members with the work carried out by the office? How important and valuable are events such as our working groups, our participation in trade fairs or conferences? How helpful are our projects? How well do you feel supported by us? What expectations do you have of us or what additional services and added value would you like to see?

Our annual member survey offers you the opportunity to openly express constructive criticism, give positive feedback, but also to hold our network, the office and the Silicon Saxony committees accountable. Improve our joint high-tech cluster with your input. Help us and Saxony’s high technology move forward.


Silicon Saxony positions for the 2024 election year

With the upcoming local elections, the state elections and the European elections in 2024, Saxony and its municipalities are in a decisive phase in terms of setting the course for its political and economic future. As the leading high-tech network in the region, Silicon Saxony aims to contribute to the discourse with clear and committed positions.

The aim of the survey is to prioritize the demands on the 10 most important positions. We ask you to rate the relevance of each item from your point of view. Thank you for your cooperation!


Satisfaction with vocational training

We are increasingly receiving feedback from our membership on the growing dissatisfaction with vocational training, particularly in the area of vocational training. in the state vocational schools. In order to be able to enter into a more concrete exchange with the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs or relevant institutions in the interests of our members, we ask for detailed feedback on the topic.

It is possible to complete the survey anonymously. Thank you for your support!

Junge Menschen posieren vor einem Handy mit VR-Brillen auf dem Kopf


Large survey of skilled workers

The much-discussed shortage of skilled workers is not only causing increasing concern among HR managers in our industries. However, in order to provide you with the best possible support in overcoming your specific challenges, we need as comprehensive a picture as possible of your needs.

That is why we are asking all Silicon Saxony members who have not yet completed the major skilled worker survey (first published in February 2022) to participate. If you have any questions, please contact


Survey on value chains in the electronics and semiconductor industry

Take part in our survey to promote European cooperation in the semiconductor and electronics sector and strengthen the self-sufficiency of the electronics value chain! As a participant, you will gain access to strategic information and funding opportunities and actively shape EU semiconductor policy. The English-language survey takes about ten minutes and is part of our EU project Silicon Eurocluster.

Impressions of our work