Telekom MMS: Telekom makes generative AI safe for companies

March 7, 2024. The UKA Group now has access to a secure, data protection-compliant tool for generative AI. The leading project developer for renewable energies is Deutsche Telekom’s first Business GPT customer.

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Photo: Deutsche Telekom/ UKA// Flightseeing/GettyImages/Vertigo3d/bagotaj; Montage: Evelyn Ebert Meneses

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The solution offers generative AI and the option of integrating internal company documents. The application is tested for IT security and data protection and hosted on Telekom cloud environments. This allows UKA to retain control over its data in accordance with the GDPR and German data protection law. Telekom MMS ensures that UKA employees can enter company data securely and use it on all end devices.

With this solution, UKA offers its employees an application for everyday use and can also test innovative use cases with the specialist departments. In the future, it will be possible to connect company applications directly via interfaces. The browser-based Business GPT can be accessed at UKA via the company’s own intranet and is designed in the corresponding corporate design. This shortens the path from use case to targeted use enormously.

By using generative AI tools such as Business GPT, companies can reduce the effort involved in repetitive tasks and speed up their work processes. This leads to an increase in efficiency and new opportunities for innovation. For the international energy park developer UKA, the multilingual tool is particularly useful for efficient research and information procurement in day-to-day work as well as content creation.

Data sovereignty remains with the customer

Thanks to secure operation on cloud environments in Europe, companies can use the GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.0 models from Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services in a shielded area.

The product was originally developed for use by Deutsche Telekom employees. The high requirements for security, data protection and employee representation were taken into account. Following this successful internal implementation, Telekom also offered MMS Business GPT to companies and UKA was acquired as a pilot customer.

Real innovation through AI

“Business GPT makes us absolute pioneers. With this tool, we enable our employees worldwide to test use cases for AI language models in a secure environment and use them profitably. That’s what I call real innovation,” says Christian Schmidt, Head of IT and Digital, UKA.

“Compliance and security – that’s what our customers expect from us. It’s in our DNA,” says Klaus Werner, Managing Director Business Customers, Telekom Deutschland GmbH. “Business GPT combines the reliability of Telekom with the latest in natural language processing and all the innovations that come with it.”

About the UKA Group

As an energy park developer, the UKA Group plans, builds, operates and sells wind and photovoltaic parks in Germany, Europe and America. Founded in 1999, the company is one of the leading German project developers and its current international project pipeline for wind and solar projects now comprises more than 19 gigawatts. As a full-service provider, UKA provides all services up to the operational handover of the wind and solar parks to institutional investors such as fund and investment companies, energy suppliers, municipal utilities or infrastructure groups. Subsequently, the operations management company UKB ensures optimal technical and economic performance of the plants for decades.

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Photo: Deutsche Telekom/ UKA// Flightseeing/GettyImages/Vertigo3d/bagotaj; Montage: Evelyn Ebert Meneses

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