SMWA: Minister of Economic Affairs and Vice-MP Martin Dulig visits headquarters of chip producer TSMC in Taiwan

September 21, 2023. At the end of his business trip to Japan and South Korea, Saxony’s Minister of Economics and Labor and Deputy Prime Minister Martin Dulig visited Taiwan today to meet with representatives of leading semiconductor manufacturer TSMC. The group had announced a major investment in Dresden – in the heart of “Silicon Saxony” – in August 2023: The globally active company, together with Bosch, Infineon and NXP, intends to build a semiconductor factory in the Saxon state capital called ESMC (European Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). With a planned investment volume of around ten billion euros, this is the largest single investment by a company in Saxony since German reunification in 1990.

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Minister of Economics Martin Dulig at the headquarters of chip producer TSMC in Taiwan. Photo: SMWA/Kristin Schmidt

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At TSMC headquarters in Hsinchu, Martin Dulig met with TSMC’s Dresden project team. Dulig expressed his appreciation for the investment project and deepened personal contacts with TSMC. “I thank TSMC for its confidence in Saxony as a business location and the know-how available in Silicon Saxony. We welcome the world’s leading chip contract manufacturer with open arms and appreciate the far-reaching significance of this billion-dollar investment. Silicon Saxony is now one of the five most important semiconductor regions in the world! This will mean a pull effect for further new settlements and the influx of highly qualified specialists,” said Martin Dulig in Hsinchu. “In a very exciting conversation, we discussed the details of the settlement, which conditions still need to be created in Saxony, so that the settlement of Taiwanese professionals in Dresden also succeeds smoothly – for example, in the issuance of visas and the possible expansion of the international school.”

Minister Dulig: “Semiconductors are among the key technologies. They are the oil of the 21st century. Chips are needed everywhere in the economy – in cell phones, washing machines, cars or televisions. With the new plant in Dresden, we are shortening the supply chains of our domestic industry in geopolitically turbulent times. The chips that TSMC will produce in Saxony are needed primarily in the automotive industry. And this, with large plants in Zwickau and Leipzig, is the second mainstay of the economy in the Free State.”

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Photo: SMWA/Kristin Schmidt

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