Silicon Saxony: Industry association starts cooperation with M.I.T. high school Dresden Pieschen

As of now, Europe’s largest industry association for microelectronics and the pilot school for media education, computer science and digital technologies (M.I.T.) will develop targeted measures within the framework of a cooperation to further advance the networking between school education and corporate reality.

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137,000 vacant IT positions could not be filled in Germany last year (source: Bitkom). In Saxony – a federal state that aims to fill around 100,000 ICT jobs by 2030 – this is already a problem. The topic of securing skilled workers, as a central success factor for all members, is therefore a strategic focus of Silicon Saxony’s association work.

One building block for this is the enthusiasm of young people for technological professions – and at all stages of their education. The gymnasiale upper stage plays a special role here. At this stage of their lives, young people look for possible internship partners, training companies, fields of study or partners for various major final projects. Such contacts play an important role in their future choice of employer. And this is precisely where the now agreed cooperation comes in.

Continuous cooperation for mutual benefit.

On April 26, 2023, the cooperation started with the signing of the contract. Dirk Röhrborn, Chairman of the Silicon Saxony Executive Committee and Kerstin Ines Müller, Principal of the high school visibly delighted signed the joint agreement.

Contract signature (from left to right): Dirk Röhrborn, Chairman of the Presidium Silicon Saxony, Kerstin Ines Müller, Principal, Gymnasium Dresden-Pieschen

For the students in the coming months and years on this basis supplementary instructional offerings are to be established as well as a qualified career orientation and strengthening of career choice skills.

For companies in the Silicon Saxony network, the opportunity arises to further intensify their commitment in the area of promoting young talent and to anchor this in the company’s own CSR and marketing strategy and also to use it communicatively. In addition, the cooperation enables companies to raise awareness of their training programs, internships, etc., and to integrate requirements from everyday business life into school training. Last but not least, networking events are planned in which practical insights are to strengthen young people’s enthusiasm for subjects such as mathematics, computer science, chemistry and physics.

Group discussion (from left to right): Kerstin Ines Müller (Gymnasium Dresden-Pieschen), Julia Oppermann (Gymnasium Dresden-Pieschen), René Richter (Gymnasium Dresden-Pieschen), Katrin Meusinger (Silicon Saxony), René Wohllebe (AK Business & Education, SAP), Dirk Röhrborn (Silicon Saxony, Communardo)

Numerous participation offers for companies.

In exchange with the Dresden-Pieschen high school, Silicon Saxony is now looking for companies as partners for:

  • Pupil internships.
  • the in-house trade fair “Industry 4.0” (exhibitor).
  • Individual contacts in the context of the “Complex learning achievement class 10” (eg interview with a company).
  • Projects for the computer science class
  • The development of joint activities to promote girls interested in STEM.


To Dresden-Pieschen High School.

The Gymnasium Dresden-Pieschen was founded in 2017 and moved into the modern school campus in Pieschen in the summer of 2019.

As an M.I.T. school, both media education and computer science as well as movement and sustainable living are central focuses.

The Gymnasium Dresden-Pieschen is one of twelve pilot schools for media education, computer science and digital technologies (M.I.T.) of the Saxon State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs.

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