SQL: Management level expanded – growth course to be further accelerated

April 30, 2024. SQL Projekt AG is still on course for growth. The foundations for this have been laid in recent years by focusing the portfolio and through strategic product development. The company has also decided to further expand its five-strong Transconnect sales team. Since the beginning of the year, this has been headed by Eduard Daoud as the new Sales Director Transconnect. A graduate in computer science with an MBA, Eduard Daoud has held various management positions in the areas of sales, marketing and professional services.

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Eduard Daoud, new Sales Director Transconnect. Photo: SQL

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Significant new addition to the management team

“At a time characterized by dynamic change, SQL Projekt AG has made a significant addition to its management team,” says Stefan Ehrlich, CEO of SQL Projekt AG. With the arrival of Eduard Daoud as the new Head of Sales, the company is signaling its determination to strengthen its sales activities and further consolidate its position in the market. “Eduard Daoud has an impressive track record in the field of sales. His previous achievements as former sales manager and managing director of the Saxon IT landscape and his outstanding technical expertise combined with his scientific background will lead companies to success,” Ehrlich continued. “We are looking forward to working with Eduard Daoud.”

Focusing on digital transformation

The focus of Sales Director Daoud, who is currently completing his doctorate at the same time, is on networked systems as the basis for the digital transformation of companies: “Without networking, there is no digital transformation and this jeopardizes the future viability of every company.” His focus is on business development, account management and the establishment and development of new sales channels. In addition, he concentrates on expanding and consolidating existing account management channels, always focusing on customer satisfaction.

Professionalization of sales comes at the right time

Ehrlich believes the entire sales team is very well positioned: “The step towards even more professionalization of our sales team comes at exactly the right time. With Transconnect and our responsible management team, we are ideally placed to meet the demand for the right tools on the path to digital transformation, which will make a significant contribution to the implementation of our growth strategy.”

Profile SQL Projekt AG

SQL Projekt AG (Dresden) supports its customers in accelerating and securing data-based value creation. The SQL Projekt AG team recognized very early on that in the digital age, the efficiency of the tools used to collect, store, process and evaluate data is of central importance for the success of a company.

For over 20 years, SQL Projekt has been successfully supporting companies from a wide range of industries (including the manufacturing and food and beverage industries) and public sector institutions in the automation of data provision and production processes with its Transconnect product. The software is an integration platform that connects control systems for operations, processes and machines (MES, SCADA, PLC or intralogistics systems) with software systems for administrative and organizational processes (ERP, CRM or PLM). Transconnect is edge-capable, i.e. so compact that it can be operated on microcomputers directly in production, for example connected via 5G.

The product vision is a distributed network of Transconnect nodes that can be used to automate entire process chains end-to-end and provide the key figures required for process optimization. Typical fields of application for Transconnect include the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), business process automation – & mobilization, SAP integration, cloudification and master data management.

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