Saxon State Chancellery: Joint declaration signed by Saxony and Flanders at the end of their consultation in Brussels

Brussels (September 6, 2023) – Flanders will maintain an intensive bilateral cooperation with the Free State of Saxony in Germany in the future. It is the first time in history that the two regions meet for a joint government consultation in Brussels.

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Minister President Michael Kretschmer and other members of the Saxon state government met with Flemish Minister President Jan Jambon and other members of the Flemish government in Brussels for a government consultation. (© Philippe Veldeman)

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Saxony and Flanders want to jointly:

  • be pioneers in technology and innovation (e.g. in the fields of automotive, mechanical engineering, microelectronics)
  • develop partnerships in arts and cultural projects
  • be trailblazers for the technologies supporting the energy transition (e.g.. Hydrogen, renewables and decarbonization)
  • Be bridge builders between the strong regions of Europe (including cross-border cooperation between their respective three-country regions).

Michael Kretschmer, Minister President of the Free State of Saxony, emphasized, “Saxony and Flanders have many similarities and parallels in their history. Thanks to early industrialization and a strong semiconductor and automotive industry, both regions have laid the foundations for technical progress and economic transformation processes. With the declaration agreed by our governments today, we want to build on this pioneering spirit together. Through cooperation between our regions, we can strengthen not only each other, but the European Union as a whole.”

Jan Jambon, Prime Minister of Flanders, concurs:
“During my visit to Dresden last year, it became clear that Flanders and Saxony have already come much closer in the areas of energy policy and semiconductors. This government consultation confirms this. Flanders and Saxony are ideal partners with great economic, scientific, academic, artistic and cultural potential. As strong regions, we can therefore work together to achieve greater energy independence, security of supply and sustainable competitiveness. We are also deeply committed to creating prosperity through innovation, entrepreneurship and a robust economy. By joining forces with our neighboring regions and countries, we strengthen cooperation in the EU from West to East.”

Saxony and Flanders are world-leading microelectronics locations, especially for semiconductors. The two regions are highly complementary and, by working together, can significantly strengthen and consolidate their position on the world market and that of the EU in the international competitive environment. The governments today established a bilateral expert group to identify concrete opportunities for complementary cooperation and synergies, initiate concrete joint European projects, promote cross-border regional cooperation and support joint sector advocacy towards the EU.

Saxony and Flanders are emerging European regions in the field of hydrogen technology and are working towards rapid implementation and application in a fast-growing global market. Both regions have a unique ecosystem of hydrogen players across the value chain. Here, too, both governments will join forces and bring all their assets to bear: their strong chemical clusters, their wind energy technology, their extensive pipeline networks, the Flemish ports, Saxony’s storage potential, and their energy and research capabilities. The two governments also established a bilateral group of experts on this cooperation today.

Saxony and Flanders share an extensive cultural heritage: the large presence of Flemish masters in Saxon art collections, the Leipzig Book Fair, the architecture of Henry van de Velde, and cooperation in contemporary dance and theater are just a few examples of their rich cultural ties.

In a joint statement today, the two governments decided:

  • to develop a cooperation around the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025,
  • to initiate a collaboration on the Rubens oeuvre between the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister Dresden and the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden (scientific, art and collection history research & cataloging of ca. 80 works) as well as
  • to elaborate a cooperation in the field of contemporary dance, in which top Flemish choreographers can contribute to the further development of contemporary dance in Saxony.

Education and youth, social engagement and civic participation
Saxony and Flanders will work together on the future of education. Our education system is undergoing a digital transformation. This transformation offers opportunities for timely, tailored education and prepares students for the future. Both governments have decided to explore ways to support exchanges between young people, schools, universities and colleges within existing programs. They also want to promote cooperation between Flanders and Saxony on specific measures for integration and civic participation and share their experiences.

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