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ProTec Carrier Systems GmbH

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Electrostatic Chucks·Thin glass·Transferable ElectroStatic Carrier (T-ESC)·wafers and foils handling and processing


Micro- / Nanoelektronics


e-chuck·Electronic·Electrostatic Chucks·Equipment·foils·Micro- / Nanoelektronics·mobile substrate holder·photovoltaics·Semiconductor Industry·Thin glass·thin glass handling·Transferable ElectroStatic Carrier (T-ESC)·trasfer electrostatic carrier·wafers and foils handling and processing



Stahlwerkstraße 21
57555 Mudersbach

Contact Person

Sebastian Wagner
+49 2745 93200-16

About this member

In contrast to mechanical or vacuum-supported clamping devices electrostatic clamping systems work optimally under temperature up to 400°C and in vacuum environment. The electrostatic clamping technology has proven to be a serious candidate solving following problems:

• Full-area clamping force
• Freely-adjustable force regulation
• Bow elimination
• Edge protection
• No partial occlusion of active surface
• Homogeneous thermal transfer between substrate and substrate holder
• Backside gas cooling technique (BSGC)
• Upside-down deposition
• Adapter function: fixing of several substrates on single substrate holder
• “Sandwich Chucking” with masks
• Customized materials, shapes and sizes

Fully Automated Chucking Unit ACU 3000

Founded in 2008, ProTec® Carrier Systems GmbH is a young company with a high innovative worldwide unique technology for fixing and handling of thin and ultra-thin substrates. ProTec® develops and manufactures own machines as well as customizes mobile and stationary electrostatic clamping devices. A specially developed chucking unit enables, in addition, easy technology integration into existing tools of other manufacturers.

High breakage safety by electrostatic clamping, bow elimination

By means of electrostatic fixing forces substrates like glass, silicon wafer and foil with thickness less than 50 µm can be securely fixed, transported, handled and processed in the field of the display manufacturing, plastic electronics, photovoltaic and semiconductor industry.

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