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cts GmbH

Company type

Medium-sized companies (<250 employees or <50 million annual turnover)

Target markets

Electronics·Life science·Machinery and Equipment·Mobility


Machinery & Equipment·Production·Software·Upstream Industry





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About this member

cts - more.than.automation. Not just a slogan for the company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Burgkirchen in southern Bavaria! Over 350 motivated employees at several locations develop innovative solutions for customers from a wide range of industries. In plant and mechanical engineering, for example, stationary and mobile (AMR/FTS) robots are installed and used in high-tech industries such as automotive, electronics, semiconductors and radiopharmaceuticals. In plant automation in the chemical, petrochemical and life science industries, etc., cts supports customers from planning to qualification. The cts portfolio is rounded off by software solutions for data acquisition, evaluation, visualization and, above all, optimization of machines and systems. Comprehensive service and support is a matter of course - simply more.than.automation!

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