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EXPRESSO offers a wide range of system solutions for optimizing intralogistics processes. The current product portfolio focuses on the mobile lifting and conveying device lift2move and the electronic handling system eBalanceLift.

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EXPRESSO offers innovative problem solvers for intralogistics

The ability to think deeply into the customer’s material flow processes as a partner and to create groundbreaking solutions for intralogistics on the basis of innovative strength, technological know-how and consulting competence ­ this is part of the self-image of the German manufacturer EXPRESSO. The company’s current product portfolio once again bears witness to the results of this objective. The focus is on two of its most successful system products, which are used in many industries to optimise intralogistical processes and workplaces:

The mobile lifting and transport device lift2move, which is now one of the German standards, and the handling system eBalanceLift, designed as a rail and column solution.

Each of these system solutions is characterised by a high degree of convertibility. This simplifies both customer-specific customisation and adaptation to very different intralogistics requirements.

Lift with new weight classes

The lift2move is at the heart of operational material flow processes in many industries. It has a lifting mast driven by a brushless electric motor and, depending on the payload and load pick-up, can be used for ergonomic feeding of packaging lines, for safe material feeding and workpiece positioning in assembly or as a convenient warehouse operating device – to name just a few examples. In its current product portfolio, EXPRESSO is presenting the latest generation of this lifting and conveying system – the lift2move solution. It is offered in four new performance classes for payloads of 130, 180, 250 and 400 kg.

The significant quality features of the lift2move solution include its modular design, which forms the constructive basis for its high adaptability to many different applications.

The ergonomic smooth-running character of the lifting and transport lift is another plus. An important part of this is played by the large rear castors and steerable front castors which, thanks to their low breakaway torques, ensure comfortable starting and manoeuvring of the lift2move solution. All castors are designed for use in workplaces with ESD requirements, and the fact that the front castors can be locked is one of the special features of the EXPRESSO lift.

The low-slung chassis makes it easy to drive under workbenches, shelving or assembly systems, and the wide lift mast base gives the floor assembly a high degree of torsional rigidity.

The wireless battery packs, which can be exchanged in a few simple steps according to the plug&play principle and inform the user about the charging status via a digital status display, prove to be extremely practical in practice. In addition, the lift2move solution has an integrated error diagnosis with visual signalling and an electrical limit switch that offers the user additional safety. It can also be equipped with the Advanced Lift Control for the lift mast. This optional control module allows the automatic approach of up to six programmable heights. This makes it easy to load shelves accurately, approach workbenches precisely or operate workpiece carriers with repeatable accuracy.

Ergonomics via column or rail

The second highlight in the EXPRESSO portfolio is the eBalanceLift electronic rope balancer. This ergonomic handling system supports manual lifting, lowering and positioning actions during load handling. It can be installed as a column and rail version. In both cases, the user operates via an operating unit that is fixed to the control head of the eBalanceLift or to the load receptacle and is connected to a servo-motorised hoist via a steel cable. All necessary parameters and programming can be entered directly on the control unit, i.e. without an external computer. A load cell in the operating unit detects the weight of the load and passes on the movements carried out on the unit to the hoist, which supports the user and takes the load from him. Depending on the application, the use of the operating handle can also be dispensed with via the balancing mode integrated as standard. Regardless of the load weight and without any effort, the user can move loads of up to 600 kg with the eBalanceLift and concentrate fully on handling. In this way, he can even carry out positioning, pick-up and delivery situations with high precision.

In the column version – called ARM – loads with weights of up to 300 kg can be handled with the eBalanceLift via an articulated arm on a column. Here, endless 360°degree manoeuvring of the load is possible, with the articulated arm extending up to 4,000 mm depending on the system configuration. In the RAIL variant, the EXPRESSO eBalanceLift can be combined with all common rail types and used for loads weighing up to 600 kg. The same applies to both the column and the rail solution: the operating head and drive have programmable inputs and outputs, and the control software can be adapted to the customer’s individual requirements.

Creative engineering opens up potential

The interaction of project business and innovative strength plays a central role in EXPRESSO’s development work. This is because the company’s engineering department is constantly expanding its ability to create intralogistics standards “Made in Germany” on the basis of unique customer solutions. Users in industry as well as in trade and commerce are constantly offered new perspectives for process optimisation.

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EXPRESSO Germany GmbH & Co. KG

EXPRESSO offers a wide range of system solutions for optimizing intralogistics processes. The current product portfolio focuses on the mobile lifting and conveying device lift2move and the electronic handling system eBalanceLift.

EXPRESSO offers a wide range of system solutions for optimising intralogistical processes. The current product portfolio focuses on the mobile lifting and conveying device lift2move and the electronic handling system eBalanceLift.

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