Infrachip project: Supporting researchers in the development of the semiconductor chips of the future

June 3, 2024. An exhibition space, transnational calls for proposals and training courses – this is how INFRACHIP supports researchers in advancing the European semiconductor chip industry.

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The EU-funded INFRACHIP project has set up a showroom that provides access to over 100 devices and technologies for the sustainable development of semiconductor chips at ten locations across Europe. The showroom is an attempt to overcome high costs and other barriers that prevent access to cutting-edge technologies, and is designed to encourage innovation and prototype development.

Doctoral students, researchers and SMEs have the opportunity to apply for free, EU-funded access to the showroom’s infrastructure, tools and expertise, which can help them advance their research or develop a research prototype. INFRACHIP is now officially accepting applications for its transnational access calls, which give researchers the opportunity to use facilities in European countries other than the one in which they are based.

Interested parties are invited to look around the showroom and locate instruments or equipment they can use to advance their research. Once a request is made, an interface team will help applicants decide which instruments and type of access are best suited to their work. Access to the platform can be done remotely or in person and is fully funded by the EU.

A recent press release highlights the qualities of a successful application: “To be successful, applicants must demonstrate that their project can have an impact on the development of future semiconductor chips and address modern challenges.” INFRACHIP has set up a special review committee of researchers who are responsible for evaluating each application.

Research Acceleration

INFRACHIP also sponsors training courses several times a year to familiarize PhD students and early career researchers with the available technologies that they can later benefit from. The project’s research acceleration program focuses on nanoelectronics and nanofabrication and provides insight into how INFRACHIP technologies can be used to accelerate one’s research. Participants will receive tours of the access provider’s facilities, attend lectures and have the opportunity to speak with local experts.

From May 22-24, 2024, another research acceleration program on “Advanced Ink Formulation and Printed Techniques for Emerging Flexible Electronics” will take place at INFRACHIP project partner Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece. All costs for the three-day training program will be covered by the EU for up to eight applicants.

The training is divided into six modules. These include an introduction to emerging flexible electronics (Module 1), ink formulation for flexible electronics and film preparation (Module 2), printing and coating techniques for flexible electronics (Module 3) and filament formation for 3D printing (Module 4). The final topics are advanced techniques for battery material fabrication and evaluation (Module 5) and characterization of solution-processed films and devices (Module 6).

With its platform, the INFRACHIP (European Research Infrastructure on Semiconductor Chips) project is helping to remove barriers to research and improve skills in the field of semiconductors, thus contributing to the digital and green transition in Europe. The project ends in December 2027.

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👉 https://infrachip.eu/ 
👉 https://silicon-saxony.de/leistungen/projekte/infrachip/ 
👉 https://cordis.europa.eu/  

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