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January 25, 2024. In 2030, more than 100,000 people will be working in the industries of Silicon Saxony in Saxony, almost 20,000 more employees than in 2023. Our joint network has been working for years to drill this thick board. To spark enthusiasm. To generate attention. For the jobs in our region. In the Free State, in Germany, Europe and the world.

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Only those who know our industries, have their career opportunities and possibilities on screen and are able to assess the significance for the present and future of Germany as a business location will be able to steer their personal and professional path accordingly.

We therefore never tire of providing information, especially to young people or those looking for a career change. In the meantime, Silicon Saxony offers projects, campaigns and collaborations from school to university to jobs. The message is always the same:

“Stay in or come to Saxony. Become part of our industries. A secure and exciting future awaits you.”
The most recent opportunity to get people excited about our industries and jobs was at KarriereStart from January 19 to 21 in Dresden. More than 36,000 visitors took advantage of Saxony’s largest career fair to get their first job, make a career change or take the next step, explore a new job or get their own career rolling with an internship, apprenticeship or degree course.

Training, studies, job – together at KarriereStart 2024

Silicon Saxony was also represented once again with a joint stand. In the immediate vicinity of numerous other members, such as GlobalFoundries, X-FAB, Infineon, SAP and others, a total of nine exhibitors from our network – NTT DATA Business Solutions, Fabmatics GmbH, znt Zentren für Neue Technologien GmbH, PEER Group GmbH, Communardo Software GmbH , Entegris GmbH, KLA-Tencor GmbH, amcoss GmbH, Lam Research GmbH – presented their training opportunities, dual study programs and jobs to a diverse and very interested audience. The younger generation in particular impressed with their curiosity and often with clear, self-confident and supportive ideas. Whether microtechnologist, software developer, mechatronics engineer or development engineer – numerous jobs and their educational paths were in demand. Often with moral support from their own parents and friends. We are currently working on a concept for 2025. Make sure you register early for the upcoming KarriereStart.

Primary schools – The “Calliope mini” inspires the little ones

“I know it. We used to program with it at school.” Some young people approached our stand staff at KarriereStart with this statement. The flashing “Calliope mini” on our reception counter became a welcome conversation starter. What is already used in computer science lessons at secondary schools and grammar schools is now also intended to teach children of primary school age about the connection between hardware and software and get them excited about technology. Since 2023, we have been working with our members to establish the all-day program “Programming with the Calliope mini”. 100 elementary school in Saxony are to offer playful programming and tinkering with the single-board computer by the end of 2024. Further interested schools, partners and GTA managers are being sought for this.

High schools and grammar schools – cooperation and school tour inform young people

Silicon Saxony has also been working with exciting schools and supporting their STEM-oriented concepts for several years now. In particular, M.I.T. Gymnasium Dresden Pieschen and Martin-Andersen-Nexö-Gymnasium Dresden should be mentioned here.  Both schools benefit from the close exchange with the association and companies. We work closely together on everything from internships to annual projects, company visits and sponsorship.

A concept that appears to be expandable  and is to be taken to numerous schools in Saxony via our new project “Fabmobil: The Semiconductor Tour through Saxony”.  The Fabmobil, a double-decker bus with great workshops for children and young people, will be traveling through the state and from school to school from March. The aim is to bring children into contact with microelectronics and promising jobs.

Our new “MINT to be” project also aims to support young people in their professional orientation and inspire girls in particular to take up STEM professions. By introducing them to female role models from our network who present their own careers, from their favorite subject at school to their current job, we want to encourage them to choose careers that were previously perceived as more masculine. All too often, it is self-doubt that causes girls and young women to turn their backs on the STEM sector. A fact that we believe urgently needs to be changed.

Study – companies establish lecture series

Whether girls or boys, the world needs bright, committed and technically skilled minds. Today more than ever. Getting young people interested in technical training and degree courses is therefore the challenge of the moment. Whether mechatronics, chip design, computer science, engineering careers or microtechnology doesn’t matter in the end. Companies and institutions in our network have been working closely with the universities, colleges and vocational academies in Saxony for years. This not only supports numerous degree courses by providing positions for work-study programs, diploma supervision and internships, but in some cases also by providing financial assistance with the purchase of expensive technology or exclusive lectures. With the chip design lecture series, our IC Design working group established such an offer at TU Dresden in 2023. The lecture will take place again in the summer semester of 2024. A great collaboration between companies and universities that will hopefully bear fruit.

Jobs and skills for the industries – employers and employees in focus

Not least, it is also important to support existing specialists in the best possible way on their career path, to guide them to Saxony, retrain them or provide them with further training. To this end, we exchange ideas within the network, for example to identify trends for important professions of the future and make them visible – for example in a role scan workshop of our AI working group, which last year took a closer look at the profile of the data scientist.

Our “Cosmopolitan employer brand” project is aimed at companies that are interested in integrating foreign skilled workers. The project’s educational programs aim to support companies in three directions: Decision-making, development of skills for successful integration and support in difficult situations. Various formats are offered for this purpose, such as workshops, panel discussions and fireside evenings for managers in the decision-making process.

Our network also offers support in the search for skilled workers abroad. For example, the #halloIndia campaign is used to recruit software developers in India. Saxjob  from Chemnitz helps companies to find trainees and supports their integration. We also make skilled worker recruitment projects of the Federal Employment Agency, e.g. in Kyrgyzstan, visible. And the Empfehlungsbund, which also operates the Silicon Saxony Jobboard , has established a platform for international specialists, which they can use to find English-language job vacancies.

In the “European Chips Skills Academy” project as a continuation of METIS, the aim in the coming years is to make existing training and further education offers visible, to network them with each other, to make offers available online and to develop new content. The aim is to make it even easier and quicker for interested people from all over the world to become part of the microelectronics industry and to be able to develop further within the industry more easily. An online platform will provide easy orientation.

As you can see, Silicon Saxony is working to inspire the specialists of the future from elementary school to working life with various projects and offers for our industries and to support them in their qualification. We also engage in direct exchange with the next generation, be it by facilitating school internships at the office or by networking with committed initiatives such as Young Lusatia. Together, we are continuously expanding our services.

Do you also have ideas or requests? Then please get in touch with us.

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