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Saxony has a long tradition in microelectronics and the semiconductor industry. At the latest since the 1960s, the first research and developments in this field have been advanced here. The area also formed the core of Silicon Saxony and still does today. The semiconductor plants, so-called fabs, of well-known companies such as Bosch, Infineon, Globalfoundries and X-FAB were and are an important pillar for the economic success of the entire cluster or region. Also, a Large number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups, both from the field of design and the most important parts of the supply chain are active in our region. They work on innovative solutions for microelectronics – from materials to machines and systems. Close cooperation between industry, research and education has made Saxony the most important location in Europe for the semiconductor industry, especially in the area of production. Every third chip produced in Europe comes from Saxony.

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The players in our network in the field of semiconductors represent almost the entire value chain – from materials, design, front-end production and packaging to automation or fab management. Find all current members and their profiles here. Do you know of other companies with important competencies that should become members? Then let us know!

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of all chips in Europe come from Silicon Saxony

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Yvonne Keil
GlobalFoundries Dresden

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Raik Brettschneider
Infineon Technologies Dresden