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Bosch: Complete vehicle development from a single source

February 21, 2024. Bosch Engineering GmbH and EDAG Engineering GmbH have signed a letter of intent on project-related cooperation in complete vehicle development. The agreement stipulates that the companies will jointly offer their expertise on the market in the future in order to complement each other’s existing know-how in the best possible way. In this way, customers will receive complete vehicle development tailored to their needs from a single source, without having to worry about coordinating the individual development areas.

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Dr. Johannes-Jörg Rüger and Cosimo De Carlo confirm the cooperation between Bosch Engineering and the EDAG Group. Photo: Bosch

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Bosch Engineering and EDAG have extensive experience in the implementation of complete vehicle projects. “Ever stricter environmental and sustainability requirements and trends such as the software-defined vehicle are leading to increasing complexity in vehicle development. By leveraging our mutual synergies, we will be able to put new vehicles on the road with our customers even faster and more cost-effectively in the future,” says Dr. Johannes-Jörg Rüger, Member of the Board of Management of Bosch Engineering. Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group, explains: “The joint expertise of EDAG and Bosch Engineering will act as an accelerator for technological innovations”.

Both companies offer a wide range of services relating to electronic systems, such as E/E networks, hardware and software architectures, feature development and component specification, as well as derivative development, system integration, test execution and production planning. The development expertise of both companies thus covers the entire spectrum of design and engineering services from pre-development to the delivery of complete vehicles and production systems. This includes styling, virtual modeling, electronics and software development, prototype construction, hardware testing and the provision of technical services and production technologies. Validated simulation processes, the digital twin of product and production as well as comprehensive expertise in smart factories ensure high quality, safety, agility and flexibility in the development and production process.

The declaration of intent between the two companies is based on many years of trusting cooperation, on the basis of which joint projects in complete vehicle development for automotive manufacturers have already been successfully implemented in the past. The agreement will further intensify this cooperation. The content and degree of cooperation between Bosch Engineering and EDAG will always be based on the individual requirements and wishes of the customer. “With sustainable strategies, state-of-the-art processes and methods, together we create the optimal environment to handle the complexity of tasks in overall vehicle development and the realization of the Smart Factory and to enable a successful market launch,” say Cosimo De Carlo and Dr. Johannes-Jörg Rüger.

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Photo: Bosch

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