ZVEI: Strengthening Europe’s technological sovereignty through cross-industry cooperation

September 21, 2023. Cross-industry cooperation is more important than ever for Europe’s technological sovereignty. “The component industry, first and foremost semiconductors, but also in particular the printed circuit board industry and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) that are part of this, now play an even more important role for Europe’s industrial base. Only by working together is it possible to build a powerful microelectronics ecosystem,” said Nicolas-Fabian Schweizer (Schweizer Electronic AG) today at the annual meeting of the ZVEI Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Systems (PCB-ES) trade association, where he was confirmed in his position as chairman.

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Cross-industry collaboration is more important than ever for Europe's technological sovereignty. Photo: pixabay

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For Schweizer, who is also active on the overall board of the electrical and digital association ZVEI, it is the second term of office. Commenting on his goals, the 48-year-old Schweizer Electronic AG board member said, “In the next three years, we want to expand the cooperation of all companies involved in the supply chain in the ZVEI and thus strengthen both the innovative capacity of our industry and the resilience of the value chains.”

Nicolas-Fabian Schweizer has already been involved in the ZVEI since 2017. Schweizer is CEO of the PCB manufacturer Schweizer Electronic AG in Schramberg and is responsible for Technology R&D, Business Development, Operations & Quality, Human Resources (HR), Legal and Media & Communications. Since April 2011 he has been appointed as a member of the Board of Schweizer Electronic AG, since 2020 in the function of CEO. The company is managed by the sixth generation of the founding Schweizer family. Schweizer continues to be a member of the Electronica advisory board of Messe München.

About the ZVEI PCB-ES trade association

The ZVEI Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Systems (PCB-ES) trade association represents the printed circuit board, electronic assembly and integrated layer circuit industries. Its goal is to optimize the economic and political framework conditions and to strengthen the German-speaking and European location. In 2022, the industry generated sales of over 40 billion euros in Germany alone.

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