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Working together instead of fighting against each other – Germany achieves more together!

February 8, 2024. There is unity in Germany!

And there they are, the incredulous faces in front of the monitors and smartphone screens. “Where is there unity in Germany right now”, you ask? Everywhere! On the streets. On internet forums. At regulars’ tables. Even in the Bundestag. Don’t you follow the news? “Germany can do better”, literally all the emblematic sparrows are whistling from the rooftops. And they are right.

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Demonstration "Für Demokratie" in Dresden. Foto: Silicon Saxony

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One of the strongest industrial locations, one of the most innovative countries, a stronghold of democracy, a nation of diversity can do far more, can do far better. But this task is not easy. And even this simple realization should help us to approach each other. Not to point the finger at others. Not to assume responsibility for the search for solutions everywhere but within ourselves.

It is not “those up there”, “those over there” or “those down there” who will present us with the holy grail of solutions. We are ALL in demand. Society, science, industry, business, associations, politics, culture and all the other “new German” stakeholders who shape, improve or even worsen our country with their daily work, commitment and ideas.

Yes, ideas, solutions and attempts can fail. Not every step is a step in the right direction. But if you also learn from these decisions – and do so in a completely reproach-free and goal-oriented manner – a “better” is only a question of time, commitment and the necessary patience.

Of course, it is easier to be frustrated. To feel anger. To shout slogans. And to think that you already have the simple solutions in your quiver. But few things are simple these days. So it makes all the more sense not to see problems everywhere, but challenges that need to be overcome. Together. Because we are stronger together.

Instead of dwelling on the past, it makes more sense to keep our eyes firmly on the future and work on it together. Not for ourselves. But for the people who are important to us – our children, our families, our friends, colleagues and neighbors. In our private and professional lives. Every single day. Especially when things get difficult. There are no longer any easy solutions. We only have a chance together.

That’s exactly what we try to do at Silicon Saxony. The number of members of our cluster organization has now grown to over 500. And we are welcoming new members every week. Our next goal is 750 members. Achieving this will be a challenge. But we will celebrate all the more when we have finally succeeded.

The microelectronics, ICT and software industry in Saxony is also on a challenging path. By 2030, more than 100,000 people in the state are expected to find work in the Silicon Saxony industries. This means at least 5,000 new hires every year.

This growth cannot be sustained by Saxon or German talent and applicants alone. It is therefore crucial not only to keep our eyes open for suitable specialists, but also to keep our minds open to other cultures, opinions and nationalities. Prejudices and fears have no place in this environment. Only hand in hand can we succeed in giving our region the image it deserves. Valuable. Worthy of protection. But also oriented towards the future and the rest of the world.

It is not for nothing that we as Silicon Saxony operate independently of political affiliations. For good reason, we seek to join forces with all those who are actively and positively trying to shape our future. We stand for values such as openness to the world, diversity, democracy and freedom. We are committed to these principles and defend them with full conviction. Not out of political calculation, but out of pure social and economic necessity.

Like tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people across Germany, we believe that we can achieve a great deal together. With every step we take. With every decision we make. On a small and large scale. Join us on this journey. Work with us on the future of Saxony and Germany.

Because yes, Germany can do better! Without any question. But it can only be really good if we shape our country together and constructively. Without anger, frustration and incomprehension. But with a lot of passion, communication, openness, honesty and understanding. Let’s approach each other again. Let’s make Germany a place that billions of people around the world can rightly envy.

So let’s get to work!

Your Silicon Saxony Team

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