TU Dresden: Start-up SpeechMind impresses TU Dresden with its use of ChatGPT for meeting protocols

November 13, 2023 Knowledge and technology transfer is practically part of TU Dresden’s DNA. A good example of this is the start-up project SpeechMind, which was launched last year by TUD alumni Titus Hartmann, Justus Feron and Richard Fankhänel. The start-up has now won TU Dresden as a customer with its meeting minutes software. SpeechMind wants to fundamentally change the way meeting minutes are written with its software. It uses artificial intelligence and ChatGPT to automatically generate minutes with summaries and tasks from recorded audio tracks of meetings. This not only simplifies the work of the participants, but also creates commitment and ensures that no information is lost.

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Team SpeechMind (from left to right: Richard Fankhänel, Titus Hartmann, Justus Feron). Photo: SpeechMind/Tim Kunert

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Philipp Kießlich, a research assistant at the TUD Institute of Building Construction, has been using automatic logging for his project meetings for some time now. Previously, he wrote many pages of notes by hand during project meetings.

His assessment: “The advances in AI and ChatGPT make my day-to-day work much easier. The ability to take minutes with SpeechMind helps me immensely to focus on the essentials during meetings and to get to the heart of the technical implementation and coordination of ideas. I simply have more capacity to listen carefully to my partners,” emphasizes Kießlich. “Post-processing and scheduling is reduced to a minimum thanks to automatic task recognition.”

The team behind SpeechMind recognized the increasing role of artificial intelligence in everyday working life early on. Even before the hype surrounding ChatGPT, they had already integrated OpenAI technology into their product to create a meeting summary. Justus Feron, Data Scientist at SpeechMind, adds: “With the hype around ChatGPT, we became more aware of other potential uses, such as the meeting chatbot and its benefits for internal knowledge management. We were then able to pass this feature on directly to our customers.”

Thanks to the meeting chatbot, users can ask individual questions about a meeting that are answered in real time. This makes exciting use cases possible. After a discussion, a pro/con list can be created, a specification sheet can be drawn up after a customer meeting and applicants can find out about a position based on a conversation between the recruiter and the specialist department.

The close collaboration with the start-up service “dresden | exists” based at TU Dresden, particularly as part of the VAP program, has given the founders of SpeechMind valuable impetus. This collaboration not only enabled them to benefit from expert advice during the start-up phase, but also to build a stable customer base.

Founder Foyer #50 with Start-up Mile

On November 15, 2023, the dresden | exists Founder Foyer will return to the TU Dresden lecture hall center live and more colorful than ever, highlighting more exciting ideas and topics. The keynote will be held by Nic Lecloux, founder and CMO of the Bonn-based juice store “true fruits”, who will give insights into his very personal start-up journey.
On the Start-up Mile, you can meet some of the current dresden | exists founding teams as well as partners and supporters from the Dresden start-up ecosystem, who will share valuable resources and experiences. Captivating start-up pitches and a lively get-together will also round off the program.

Gründerfoyer #50, 15 November 2023, start 18:30 – end 22:00

TU Dresden, Hörsaalzentrum, Bergstraße, 01069 Dresden
Registration at

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