TU Dresden and GlobalFoundries: Cooperation agreement signed, joint Innovation Hub planned

October 23, 2023. GlobalFoundries Dresden (GF) and the Dresden University of Technology (TUD) intensify their long-standing close cooperation. On 20.10.23, Dr. Manfred Horstmann, Managing Director of GlobalFoundries Dresden and TUD Rector Prof.in Ursula M. Staudinger signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement to establish a GF Innovation Hub. The common goal is to sustainably expand innovation, knowledge transfer and the welcoming culture and thus make the high-tech location Silicon Saxony even more competitive.

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Dr. Manfred Horstmann, Managing Director of GlobalFoundries Dresden and TUD Rector Prof.in Ursula M. Staudinger. Photo: TU Dresden/Crispin-Iven Mokry

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The partners can build on extensive positive experience. For example, there have already been successful collaborations with TUD’s own 5G Lab and NamLab. GF also works intensively with TUD spin-offs such as Racyics, now Europe’s leading design service company. GlobalFoundries constantly employs around 50 TUD working students, maintains its own PhD funding program and supports the annual “Dresden Microelectronics Academy” summer school, numerous other TUD programs and endows a number of German scholarships at TUD each year.

“We are delighted that through this agreement with GlobalFoundries we are jointly taking a step further in our collaboration,” says TUD Rector Prof.in Ursula Staudinger. “It is an important step into the future, because microelectronics and semiconductor technology are at the heart of countless innovations in many areas of life. Close cooperation between research and industry is of central importance in this regard.”

GlobalFoundries brings its extensive experience in chip manufacturing and process technology to the partnership. For TUD, the cooperation with the world’s third-largest chip contract manufacturer opens up new opportunities and stronger links to the global high-tech industry. GlobalFoundries gains new opportunities to specifically develop innovative technologies for future chip production.

The cooperation agreement now concluded is initially valid for five years and serves as the basis for long-term cooperation. It provides for a bundling of all current and planned measures in a GF Innovation Hub. These include, for example, joint activities in research and development projects, attracting talent, exchange programs for faculty, students and staff, promoting social dialogue and encouraging young talent for technical and scientific courses of study. Last but not least, TU Dresden and GlobalFoundries want to jointly promote Dresden as a business location throughout Germany and internationally.

Dr. Manfred Horstmann, Managing Director of GlobalFoundries Dresden, emphasized the importance of the strategic partnership: “For more than 25 years, we have been connected with TU Dresden not only professionally, but also amicably on all levels. There are numerous joint R & D projects on a group-wide level. Our goal is to intensify and expand the structures and programs that have grown up so that we can continue to jointly develop Dresden as a business and science location in the future.”

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Photo: TU Dresden/Crispin-Iven Mokry

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