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State capital Dresden: Dresden becomes a blueprint for urban mobility of the future

17 May 2024. Autonomous e-buses or a decentralized data ecosystem for automated driving: Just two of various transport experiments that will soon become reality in Dresden. The Saxon state capital is one of two pilot cities in which sustainable mobility solutions are being tested that can be adapted for municipalities throughout Europe. A total of 28 institutions are taking part in the “Mobilities for EU” project, which is funded by the European Commission and aims to accelerate the transition to climate-neutral transportation. The core topics: Electrification, automation and connectivity.

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Europe is to become climate-neutral by 2050 – the states have agreed on this as part of the European Green Deal. 112 cities, including the state capital Dresden, which are participating in the European Commission’s “Climate Neutral and Smart Cities” mission, want to achieve this ambitious goal as far as possible by 2030. Transport plays a key role in this, as it is responsible for over 30 percent of total energy consumption in Europe and is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases. It is therefore high time to achieve success in the transport sector too – and as quickly as possible. With this in mind, the “MOBILITIES for EU” project was launched to accelerate the transition to environmentally friendly urban mobility in European cities. This is to be achieved with the help of concepts for passenger and freight transport that are energy-efficient and user-oriented. To this end, the European partners involved are meeting this week at the Dresden Communications Festival in Dresden to discuss the implementation of the five-year project. At the same time, the Dresden lighthouse project NEUTRALPATH will be discussing how the path to climate neutrality can be achieved through innovation.

Economic Mayor Jan Pratzka: “In the MOBILITIES for EU project, the cities of Dresden and Madrid want to demonstrate the effectiveness of 27 mobility solutions in eleven pilot actions. These include, for example, the introduction of autonomous electric buses or a decentralized data ecosystem that paves the way for automated driving in urban areas. The aim is also to develop new business areas for the players involved.”

To this end, the state capital of Dresden is working with partners such as Volkswagen Group Innovation, SAP SE, Fraunhofer IVI, TU Dresden and the Saxon Energy Agency SAENA. Five cities in Greece, Slovakia, Finland, Poland and Bosnia-Herzegovina are to adapt the processes and develop them further in line with individual requirements in the future.

The pilot measures and results from the two EU projects Mobilities for EU and NEUTRALPATH are aimed at the Climate City Contract, which must be drawn up as part of the EU mission “100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030”. This is an urban framework plan that describes what the path to climate neutrality could look like. The two EU projects are important building blocks for concretizing this path.

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