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Smart systems offer immense potential for increasing efficiency in production and administration, but developing complex system solutions is often challenging. A variety of technologies must be combined and expertise from a wide range of fields is required.

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A multitude of technologies must be combined and expertise from a wide range of fields is required.
Co-Innovation is the key to success in this complex environment. As a Smart Systems Hub, we support you in developing individual system solutions and ensure an efficient and successful innovation process with our specially developed formats.

Get there faster with co-innovation

The ability to adapt is one of the most important characteristics for a company to hold its own in a world that is constantly changing. In order to remain competitive, new concepts must be thought up, technologies implemented and means of production constantly developed. The particular challenge lies above all in the fact that innovation intervals are becoming shorter and shorter and the requirements for new solutions are becoming more complex at the same time. This is particularly evident in Industry 4.0. From sensor technology and robotics to cloud computing and machine learning, the development of intelligent systems often requires expertise in a wide variety of areas. These high demands can only be met by individual players, if at all, with enormous effort.

Co-Innovation is the key to success in this complex environment. Through smart cooperation, cross-company expertise can be combined to drive innovation processes forward quickly and efficiently and ultimately create added value for all involved. For medium-sized companies in particular, this approach offers great opportunities to accelerate development processes and secure their own competitiveness, but large companies and startups can also benefit.

For co-innovation to succeed, the right approach and methodology are crucial above all. As a Smart Systems Hub, we support companies throughout the entire innovation process and shape it together with the challenge owner based on the individual requirements of the project. Through specially developed formats and broadly positioned competencies within our network, we thus ensure an efficient and successful process within the innovation project – from idea generation to implementation of the finished solution.

Our Innovation Services

Fig.1: Innovation Services of the Smart Systems Hub


With our Thin[gk]light we explore together with you the challenges you are facing and create the basis for developing solutions. To lay a solid foundation for innovation processes, Thin[gk]light focuses on exploring the problem space. Together we analyze where there is potential for improvement and which solution approaches come into question.


In three days to a prototype – with our Thin[gk]athon we create the ideal space for testing your concepts and developing new solution approaches. In just three days, cross-industry and cross-company teams of experts develop solutions for your challenge. Participants are supported in the process by coaches and our methodological guidance to develop the most versatile and creative solutions possible.

Abb.2: Team talking with coaches and mentors at Thin[gk]athon

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Digital Product Services

With our Digital Product Services, we provide you with a project team individually tailored to your Challenge and accompany the co-innovation process all the way to the development of a Minimum Viable Product or the full implementation of a finished solution. Agile methodology and iterative processes ensure an efficient and successful innovation process.

Abb.3: Digital Product Implementation – Heimdall

👉 Best Case: Digital Product Implementation – Heimdall “Predictive Maintenance for Automated Transport Systems”

👉 Best Case: Digital Product Factory #5 “Developing Digital Services in Robotics”

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