Silicon Saxony: IT summer camp teaches students about programming

August 30, 2023. The IT Summer Camp has been held in Dresden since 2016. This year, too, the vacation period in the Free State was used for this exciting project. From August 14 to 18, a total of 15 students gained numerous new experiences and contacts in the software sector and were very enthusiastic. They were supervised by company representatives from Silicon Saxony members Telekom MMS, Communardo and SAP. Most of them came into contact with agile project management for the first time. With the help of this method, they worked in three different teams to develop an organizational tool for Silicon Saxony and Fabmobil e.V.. At the end of the week, not only the young people but also the software professionals were impressed by the result.

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The participants of the IT Summer Camp 2023. Photo: IT-Camp Dresden

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Together as a team, the participants of this year’s IT Summer Camp were to program a deployment planning tool for the “Fabmobil”, which will soon be rolling along Saxon roads on the topic of microelectronics. The Fabmobil is a mobile art and design laboratory that will soon be traveling to Saxon schools, youth centers and meeting places to introduce students to the exciting world of microelectronics and numerous other STEM topics. At the end of the week, all participants were impressed by the results. While the students were proud of the tool they had designed and visibly and audibly enjoyed the exchange with the IT professionals and interested parties, the three companies involved were also impressed.

Telekom MMS: Everyone who has ever worked on a project knows that a week is not a lot of time. That makes it all the more impressive how the participants:inside the IT camp took on the project in just five days, grew together into a team and also delivered presentable results. The student:s were right on it from Day 1, asking in-depth questions of Silicon Saxony members and really stepping up to the plate, then deservedly celebrating their success at City Beach on Friday.

Communardo: 15 student:s who share a passion for IT and programming, but had no prior acquaintance with each other, achieved a remarkable feat in one week. We were very impressed by their creativity, teamwork and technical skill. It was inspiring to see them grow not only professionally but also personally and build new relationships. We are already looking forward to the IT Camp in February 2024.

SAP: It was impressive to see the participants, despite the vacations and hot weather, effectively and strategically problem-solve throughout the week and solve emerging issues together. We held the camp because we want to get young people more interested in IT and therefore give them an opportunity to develop and live out their interests. In addition, it gives the opportunity to network with other interested people and learn from each other.

The result of the week could be seen. The participants learned to work successfully in a team, to deal with emerging problems and to find suitable solutions. Finally, a tool was created to assign workshop leaders to appointments, including individual profiles. This programmed assignment plan is called “FabBook” and will be rolled out soon, together with the Fabmobil on the topic of microelectronics.

The upcoming IT Winter Camp will take place from February 19 to 23 in Dresden.

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