Siemens: Investment of one billion in Germany and foundation stone for industrial metaverse

July 13, 2023. Siemens is systematically implementing its announced investment offensive worth two billion euros. The company plans to invest around one billion euros of this in Germany, thereby strengthening the innovative power of the location. In the presence of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the technology group announced the establishment of a new campus for development and high-tech manufacturing in Erlangen with investments of around 500 million euros to expand research and manufacturing capacities. Siemens is thus establishing the location as a global research and development center as well as a nucleus for worldwide technology activities for the industrial metaverse. Siemens is thus accelerating its overall growth, driving innovation and increasing its resilience.

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Siemens announced in the presence of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz the establishment of a new campus for development and high-tech manufacturing in Erlangen, Germany, with investments of around 500 million euros to expand research and manufacturing capacities. Photo: Siemens

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The investments announced today are part of the global investment strategy of around two billion euros unveiled last month, mainly for new manufacturing capacities as well as innovation facilities, training centers and additional company-owned sites. The investments underline Siemens’ commitment to the Nuremberg metropolitan region.

The current site, which employs around 3,500 people, is already home to a world-class factory for key products in industrial automation and digitalization. Already today, production is highly automated, with humans and robots working side by side. With this investment, Siemens is now laying the foundation for the industrial metaverse, a virtual representation of the real world – photorealistic, physics-based, and in real time. The targeted use of relevant, physical data and the application of artificial intelligence is creating the latest generation of high-tech manufacturing that can produce more sustainably and respond flexibly to market changes.

“This investment is a strong signal for Germany as a location for innovation and production. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility being built in Erlangen is a good example of how our economy is moving toward a climate-neutral future – as a strong industrial country with good jobs that are fit for the future,” said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“Siemens is focusing on innovation in Germany and igniting the next stage of digitization: we are laying the foundation stone for the industrial metaverse in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Here, on the new campus, we are connecting the real world with the digital world,” said Roland Busch, CEO of Siemens AG. “Together with partners, we are developing new digital technologies at the Metaverse and revolutionizing how we produce in the future – much more efficiently, flexibly and sustainably.”

New campus combines development and high-tech manufacturing

The planned campus in the west of Erlangen focuses on sustainable and future-oriented high-tech manufacturing, associated research and development activities and opening up the site to an ecosystem of partners from business and science. To this end, there are also plans to convert existing facilities and expand the site.

The new buildings for research and development, production, and logistics will be planned in the virtual world, simulated, and then implemented in the real world even before ground is broken. This results in an exact replica in the virtual world, where the entire existing factory layout is optimized with the use of industrial metaverse and later rearranged in the real world. Erlangen manufactures power electronics components and machine tool controls for mechanical engineering – and thus key elements for the German economy and industry.

The investment is another important element of Siemens’ strategy to connect the real and digital worlds. The company is strengthening the location as a center for digital production concepts, for example, through the use of the industrial metaverse and for modern technologies such as industrial 3D printing and innovative power electronics. At the same time, employees are learning to prepare for and actively shape the digital transformation of the working world through forward-looking work and further training concepts (NextWork).

Ecologically sustainable site

The expansion of the plant follows a comprehensive and forward-looking sustainability and energy concept. The approximately 200,000-square-meter site will be consistently oriented toward a zero-emissions location that meets the highest sustainability criteria: Plans include an innovative energy infrastructure, green energy supply and storage in partnership with the city of Erlangen, and the extensive use of sustainable digital building technology solutions from Siemens. The new campus in Erlangen is being realized by Siemens Real Estate, the Group’s real estate company.

Strengthening Germany

Germany is the home market of Siemens AG and one of the world’s most important locations for production, research, development and employment. The technology group employs around 86,000 people in Germany, including around 38,500 employees in the metropolitan region. With its investments, the company is once again contributing to the development of the Nuremberg metropolitan region and the city of Erlangen, is committed to Bavaria as a high-tech location and, last but not least, is investing in the future viability and innovative strength of Germany as an industrial location, in order to supply the entire world with the company’s products from here.

Siemens had announced investments in the USA, China and Southeast Asia, among others, in the context of its global investment strategy of around two billion euros. Most recently, the company announced earlier this week the construction of its new headquarters in Spain with an investment volume of 160 million euros.

About Siemens

Siemens AG is a technology company focusing on the fields of industry, infrastructure, mobility and healthcare. Resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, smart buildings and power grids, low-emission and comfortable trains, and advanced healthcare – the company supports its customers with technologies that deliver tangible benefits. By combining the real and digital worlds, Siemens empowers its customers to transform their industries and markets, improving everyday life for billions of people. Siemens is the majority owner of publicly traded Siemens Healthineers – a global leader in medical technology that is shaping the future of healthcare. Siemens also holds a minority stake in publicly traded Siemens Energy, one of the world’s leading companies in power transmission and generation.

In fiscal 2022, which ended Sept. 30, 2022, Siemens Group had sales of 72.0 billion euros and net income of 4.4 billion euros. As of Sept. 30, 2022, the company had about 311,000 employees worldwide.

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