Technology & Partner Scouting

For more than 20 years we have been promoting the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between technology companies in Saxony and beyond. If you also need support in finding the right partners for your products and services, we are happy to help!

We offer you everything from a single source, from partner search to the planning of workshops and project support. In our TecScouting, InnoKit and DevKit packages, we have already put together suitable modules for you.

We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer based on your concrete ideas.

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Technology & Partner Scouting Package

  • quick overview of available solutions and potential partners for technical issues
  • first insights into new technologies and basis for decisions on further steps

Especially suitable for: technology newbies

Technology & Partner Scouting Package

  • deepening insight and pot. R&D partner for technical questions
  • more detailed insight into new technologies and overview of potential national partners

Especially suitable for: innovation enthusiasts

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Technology & Partner Scouting Package

  • technological insight and overview of the topic and potential partners in relevant areas
  • partner search on national and international level

Especially suitable for: project developers

Additional services


  • Catering costs, room rentals and technical flat rates for workshops and events
  • Organisation of more far-reaching event formats to find potential partners for projects, research or development.


  • Market analyses
  • Trend analyses


  • Travel expenses for on-site appointments
  • Overtime worked per project over and above the working hours mentioned above
  • supplementary services on demand
  • Customer specifications