Business and education hand in hand: the university group

The Silicon Saxony university group does not see itself as a classic working group, but rather as a platform for a regular exchange between companies, research and teaching on the topic of “attracting young talent from the university sector in the field of microelectronics (IC design, technology, etc.)”. It serves as a contact base for general questions and the initiation of concrete projects, especially between the semiconductor industry, non-university research institutions and universities.

The declared aim is to strengthen networking between companies and universities in order, among other things, to make companies more visible to students. Ideas are being developed together on how to raise awareness of relevant job profiles, how to get more students interested in courses of study that are important from the industry’s point of view, and how to impart knowledge that is relevant from the company’s point of view but is not yet part of training today. Results to date include a set of slides on IC design, a recruiting video on the job description of IC designers, and a curriculum on chip design.


  • Contact base for general questions and projects between the Saxon semiconductor industry and the universities
  • Exchange on and development of various actions and formats
  • Networking students with STEM affinity with Silicon Saxony companies.


  • Colleges and universities
  • Non-university research institutions
  • Member companies of Silicon Saxony with focus on microelectronics/semiconductors


  • Recruitment of young professionals
  • Increase in student numbers for STEM subjects
  • Contacts between educational institutions and companies for more practical relevance
  • Visibility for the local industry
Drei Menschen in einem dunklen Raum mit einem Tisch. Vor dem Tisch stehen eine rothaarige Frau links und ein braunhaariger mann rechts. Hinter dem Tisch ein weißhaariger Mann, der auf den jüngeren zeigt.

IC design video

Change The World – Edition 2025

To get young people interested in chip design, 15 Saxon companies have joined forces and produced a recruiting video with Dresden-based Blackfire Medien GmbH.

Cooperation desired

The university group meets digitally on a quarterly basis. Various working groups work more intensively and focused on the above topics and usually for a limited time – involvement and participation in these is desirable. The university group sees itself as an internal exchange platform, but is open to other people interested in participating.


Prof. Dr. Stefan E. Schulz
Fraunhofer ENAS