SEMECO | Digital innovation meets safety: Europe’s best microelectronics for medicine

To increase the pace of innovation for smart medical instruments and implants, SEMECO aims to revolutionize traditional approval processes with new approaches to system solutions. The focus is on a new type of linking of sensor technology, actuator technology, a subarea of drive technology, and information processing.

Innovations in medical technology should be implemented as quickly as possible for the benefit of patients. However, this requires a reliable approval process. The innovation cycle for medical technology is taking increasingly longer, due to ever more complex systems on the one hand and ever more demanding approval processes on the other. SEMECO’s vision is to accelerate innovation cycles in medical technology and revolutionize traditional medical regulation through artificial intelligence (AI) methods. Through the unique interaction of measurement technology, communications technology and information processing, revolutionary smart medical instruments and implants are to be developed and approved more quickly. A new platform approach will provide safe and highly integrated cybermedical microsystems.

The future cluster SEMECO, around the Technical University of Dresden, together with the Else Kröner Fresenius Center for Digital Health, the 5G++Lab Germany as well as the Barkhausen Institute, offers ideal conditions for an innovative and sustainable cooperation at the academically and industrially leading European location for microelectronics, communications engineering and explainable AI – i.e. artificial intelligence whose result finding is comprehensible and interpretable for humans. Within the framework of the future cluster initiative (Clusters4Future), an ecosystem is being created that will leverage the innovation and future potential of the semiconductor and microsystems technology industry for medical technology, reconcile justified regulatory and safety requirements, and develop applications for the market.

Consortium (excerpt)