European Chips Skills Academy

Specialists for microelectronics

As a follow-up to the METIS project, the European Chips Skills (ECS) Academy will establish an industrial university network offering scholarships, apprenticeships, access to laboratory facilities, professional training and online courses.

The ECS Academy Initiative responds to current industry challenges with a groundbreaking, comprehensive initiative designed to strengthen innovation and resilience in the microelectronics industry. It will bridge the gap between general education and industry and address the acute shortage of skilled workers and talent in Europe. The ESC Academy will implement the Pact for Skills, create an innovative decentralized academy, and develop modern training modules and curricula.


Duration: October 2023 – September 2027

Target group: Education and training providers, HR managers from small, medium and large companies as well as talents and students


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Online webinar

Talent War: How can Europe avoid being left behind?

The shortage of skilled professionals is a critical issue for European stakeholders to ensure the competitiveness of the microelectronics sector. To tackle this challenge we need hard data – how many people will companies need to recruit in the coming years? Is the industry attracting enough young talent? These and many more questions will be discussed in our upcoming webinar, Talent War, on February 16.

The project at a glance


  • Address skills shortages,
  • attract new talent,
  • Qualification of workforce in the field of microelectronics


  • 18 stakeholders (industry, associations, research, study and training institutions from the field of microelectronics) from 11 countries

What & How

  • Industrial university network to provide European microchip companies with a sufficient and high-quality pool of skilled workers
  • Diversity, equal opportunities and integration as main pillars
  • Student training
  • Retraining of workers

Extensive European network

Join the European Chips Skills Alliance to work together to promote skills, share best practices and strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in the microelectronics sector.

Project partners