SAP: announcing Joule as new assistant based on generative AI

Sept. 29, 2023. SAP today announced Joule – an assistant based on generative artificial intelligence (AI) that uses natural language and will fundamentally change the way companies do business. Joule will be integrated across SAP’s cloud portfolio, providing proactive and contextual insights from SAP’s rich solutions and third-party sources. Joule quickly sifts through data from disparate systems and puts it in context to provide smarter insights. As a result, users can complete their tasks faster. At the same time, efficiency increases in a secure and compliant manner. Joule demonstrates SAP’s deep experience in developing revolutionary technology that delivers tangible results.

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“Nearly 300 million enterprise users worldwide regularly work with cloud solutions from SAP. Joule therefore has the potential to redefine how companies do business and how their employees work,” said Christian Klein, CEO and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. “Joule leverages SAP’s unique ability to link technology and business processes. The assistant builds on our concept for enterprise AI that is relevant, reliable and accountable. Joule not only understands the user’s instruction, but also the business context.”

Joule will be integrated into SAP applications – from human resources to finance, supply chain management, purchasing and customer experience – as well as the SAP Business Technology Platform. Joule opens up entirely new possibilities for SAP users. Employees simply ask a question or formulate a problem to be solved via voice command. They then receive intelligent answers based on the wealth of business data from across the SAP portfolio as well as from third-party sources, while maintaining the business context. For example, a manufacturer could use Joule to better understand its sales performance. Joule is able to identify underperforming regions or link to data sets that indicate a problem in the supply chain. It is also able to automatically connect to the supply chain system to provide appropriate solutions to the manufacturer. Joule will continuously provide new scenarios for all SAP solutions. For example, Joule can help HR create bias-free job descriptions and formulate appropriate questions for job interviews.

“After the initial big euphoria around generative AI, the focus now is on delivering a measurable return on investment,” explained Phil Carter, group vice president for Worldwide Thought Leadership Research at analyst firm IDC. “SAP recognizes that generative AI will ultimately be an important part of our everyday lives and the world of work. They are now in the process of developing an enterprise assistant that generates answers based on real-world scenarios. At the same time, SAP is setting the necessary guidelines for responsible use of generative AI.”

Joule will be available late this year with SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP Start, and early next year with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition. This will be followed by SAP Customer Experience and SAP Ariba solutions along with SAP Business Technology Platform. Numerous other deployment areas within the SAP portfolio will be showcased at SuccessConnect, Oct. 2-4; SAP SpendConnect LIVE, Oct. 9-11; SAP Customer Experience LIVE on Oct. 25; and SAP TechEd, Nov. 2-3.

More than 26,000 SAP cloud customers can leverage SAP Business AI as part of numerous scenarios and partner solutions. Joule builds on and extends these existing SAP Business AI offerings. SAP’s comprehensive strategy to build a forward-looking ecosystem for enterprise AI also includes direct investments. These include, for example, the investments in Aleph Alpha, Anthropic and Cohere announced in July, as well as collaborations with third-party providers, such as the partnerships with Microsoft, Google Cloud and IBM announced in May. Sapphire Ventures LLC, a global venture capital firm for software companies, is funded by SAP and invests more than $1 billion in AI-powered enterprise technology startups.

Information on SAP

SAP’s strategy is to help transform every business into an intelligent sustainable enterprise. As a business software leader, we help companies of all sizes and industries best achieve their goals.SAP customers generate 87% of all global commerce. Our machine learning, Internet of Things, and advanced analytics technologies help our customers on the path to becoming smart businesses. SAP helps people and businesses gain deep knowledge about their organizations, fosters collaboration, and helps stay ahead of the competition. We simplify technology for businesses so they can easily and seamlessly use our software on their own terms. Our end-to-end suite of applications and services enables customers in 26 industries around the world to be profitable, stay fresh and flexible, and make a difference. With a global network of customers, partners, employees and thought leaders, SAP helps improve the operations of the world’s businesses and the lives of people.

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