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N+P Information Systems: N+P Platform Makes Digital Twins a Reality in Industry and Construction

September 19, 2023. N+P Informationssysteme GmbH (N+P), a leading provider of digital solutions for industry and construction, announces a forward-looking development in the field of real-time monitoring. By combining digital twins and IoT data, N+P now offers its customers the ability to monitor and optimize machinery and equipment as well as buildings in real time. Central focal points of the solution are the topics of data sovereignty, open ecosystem and sustainability.

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N+P Information Systems: N+P platform makes digital twins a reality in industry and construction. Photo: N+P Information Systems

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In recent years, digitalization has significantly changed the way companies manage and optimize their operations. N+P has recognized this potential and is continuously working to provide innovative solutions that help its customers increase their operational efficiency and meet the challenges of the digital future.

The new real-time monitoring solution is based on the combination of digital twins and IoT data. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real plant or product. Combined with IoT data continuously collected from sensors and devices in real time, this innovative technology enables comprehensive monitoring and analysis of machinery, equipment and buildings. With the help of real-time monitoring from N+P, companies can:

  • optimize operations: By continuously analyzing data, companies can identify and optimize inefficient processes to increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Predict maintenance: Real-time data enables accurate prediction of maintenance needs, resulting in less unplanned downtime and lower maintenance costs.
  • Improve quality and safety: Accurate monitoring of assets enables better control of product and process quality and safety.
  • Promote sustainability: By identifying energy efficiency potential and reducing resource waste, companies can reduce their environmental footprint.

SITEC is the first development partner on the N+P platform

The company SITEC Industrietechnologie GmbH, a pioneer in the manufacture of innovative production equipment as well as a series manufacturer of assemblies and components, is pursuing the goal of transforming and actively shaping the production landscape.

The company strives to offer outstanding customer service even after the sale of its equipment. To this end, in addition to rapid problem resolution, users are to be provided with both important information in a user-centric manner and expert recommendations for optimal use are to be displayed. With the “SITEC connACT” product, based on the N+P platform, a comprehensive digital real-time interface has been developed that makes data from a wide variety of IT landscapes available in a central interface and can be used for a wide variety of services.

“With the development of the platform strategy, we are jointly setting new standards for intelligent production and the future-oriented focus of both companies. With the platform, we are able to fully tap the potential of digital value creation and secure our competitiveness on international markets,” says Nico Nebel, Managing Director at SITEC, summarizing the project.

About N+P Informationssysteme GmbH
N+P Informationssysteme GmbH has been a competent partner for the digitization of industry and construction in medium-sized companies since 1990. For industrial customers, the positioning of N+P as a digitization partner for the entire value chain from design (CAD) to manufacturing (CAM), planning (ERP) and control (MES) to data management (PDM/PLM) is unique in the German-speaking region. For the construction industry, N+P is also a provider for the end-to-end digitization of the building lifecycle (design – build – operate) and connects the IT systems of planning (CAD/BIM), construction process management (BUILD) and building operation (CAFM). Through continuous further development, the owner-managed family business can today build on a team of ~200 IT specialists at seven locations in Germany.

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Photo: N+P Informationssysteme GmbH and SITEC Industrietechnologie GmbH

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