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My job is like solving a puzzle

Laura Hernández comes from Honduras and works as a test engineer at Racyics GmbH, Europe’s leading design house for the layout of both analogue and digital application-specific integrated circuits. She spoke to Deutsche Welle about her reasons for coming to Dresden and why she wants to stay. Silicon Saxony accompanied her during the filming.

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Laura Hernández in an interview with Deutsche Welle

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Laura, how would you explain your work to young people who do not know anything about it?

I verify the functionality of the chips are within the expected parameters through different tests provided by the design team. However, this requires a lot of preparation. Such as building the setup for the measurements, developing the software to run the tests and recollect the data. From the data, we identify if the device is working or not. If there is a problem, we work together with the design team to identify the origin and provide a reliable solution or send it back to design.

What do you like about your work especially? Why did you choose to work in this area?

I like that my work changes according to the stage of the project. Some days it may be developing code other days I am working in the lab with the equipment trying out the tests. If an issue arises in the lab, we must find the cause. It’s like solving a puzzle. And I enjoy it. I chose to work in this area because it combines aspects of both my bachelor’s and master’s degree. Furthermore, since Racyics is a design company it works with the state-of-the-art technology, and it keeps me up to date with new topics.

Which characteristics should a person in your job have?

For this job it is good that the person has knowledge in programing and electronics, as well as having knowledge in basic pcb design and measurement devices.

What did you study and where? Why did you choose this study program?

I am a mechatronic engineer. I studied my bachelor’s in my home country Honduras. After that I came to Europe to obtain a joint master’s degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology between KU Leuven in Belgium and TU Dresden. I chose this master’s because of its focus in semiconductor industry and research.

Why did you decide to stay in Dresden after your studies?

I decided to stay for two reasons:

I fell in love with the city. Dresden is a beautiful city full of music, art, stunning architecture and surrounded by nature. It shows
a different facet with every season.

The second reason is a healthy work culture. In the two places I worked in Dresden, I noticed that people had a great work
life balance and work environment were nice and calm. It is easy to discuss ideas, things you don´t know and mistakes. It is
one of the reasons, I decided to work at Racyics.

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