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TE Connectivity – First Sensor AG

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Bonding·Chip on Board·Flip Chip Technology·Prototyping·Sensors


Micro- / Nanoelektronics


Aerospace·Bonding·Chip on Board·Electronic·Flip Chip Technology·Medical Technology / Pharma·Micro- / Nanoelektronics·Packaging·Prototyping·Rail / Automotive·Semiconductor Industry·Sensors



Grenzstrasse 22
01109 Dresden

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Thomas Ruf

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Aufbau- und Verbindungstechnik der Mikroelektronik für Automotive, Industrie und Medizintechnik; Vom Wafer-Sägen und SMD über Chip- und Dünndraht-Bonden bis zum Passivieren oder Kappensetzen bieten wir alle Produktionsschritte in Reinräumen an. Deshalb können wir Lösungen auch für hohe Anforderungen an die Sauberkeit der Produkte erfüllen, wie z.B. bei Bildsensoren notwendig sind.

Microelectronic packaging for automotive, industrial and medical applications; Starting from wafer cutting and SMT mounting over chip and wire bonding up to passivation or lid placement we offer all manufacturing steps inside cleanrooms. Therefore we are able to provide solutions even for requirements on high product cleanliness like requested for imager sensors.


MPD GmbH develops and manufactures customised microelectronic systems, components and modules.
For processing semiconductor chips and sensors MPD uses very sophisticated technologies of assembly and packaging and clean room classes from 100 000 up to 100 MPD. We can handle quantities ranging from a few prototypes to small series to up to several million pieces. Our products are used in the automotive, safety and medical industry as well as in the electronic industry.
In addition, MPD develops procedures for new applications and increasingly, in cooperation with partners, its own system solutions for customized applications prior for CMOS camera systems and MEMS.

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