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SZ-Reisen & Service GmbH | Chauffeur Service 8×8

Company type

Medium-sized companies (<250 employees or <50 million annual turnover)

Target markets



Exhibition and conference service provider·Logistics


BER Airportshuttle·DRS Airportshuttle·e-Mobility·Hotelshuttle·Meetings·PRG Airportshuttle


About this member

  • Chauffeur service with more than 30 chauffeurs
  • Premium fleet consisting of 12 vehicles including Audi A8L, Mercedes-Benz V-Class extra long and 100% electric vans (Mercedes-Benz EQV300 extra long)
  • Airport transfer with meet & greet at the airport in Dresden DRS, Berlin-Brandenburg BER, Leipzig LEJ, Prague PRG, Erfurt ERF, Frankfurt am Main FRA, Munich MUC, Nuremberg NUE
  • GAT pickup
  • Long-distance connections
  • VIP limousine service
  • Event service (national network)
  • Member of the BCMD Federal Association of Chauffeur & Limousine Service Companies in the Federal Republic of Germany e.V.

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