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Ronsdorf – Personal & Business

Company type

Small companies (<50 employees or <10 million annual turnover)

Target markets



Management Consulting


Communication·Electronics·Environment·Renewable energy·Semiconductor


About this member

Ronsdorf Personal & Business

since 2007 - We FIND specialists and managers instead of searching - We are the high-tech recruiters
in mechanical engineering, technology or semiconductors!

Secure your exclusive TOP candidates for your technological advantage – we will find these candidates for you:

   - Manager
   - Engineer
   - Operations manager


We are headhunters and personnel consultants. With empathy and passion we search and find your next specialists and executives.

HR Outsourcing

We take over your tasks in your HR department. When is it worthwhile for your company to hand over certain tasks from the HR department? Here are selected examples:

  •         As an entrepreneur, you handle all personnel tasks yourself.
  •         Your personnel department is overloaded – e.g. due to illness of your employees etc.
  •         Your company is located in different places – domestic and/or abroad.
  •         Your company is too small to have its own HR staff.
  •         You are looking for a temporary solution until a new team member arrives.

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