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Thomas Wolf
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 Thomas Wolf

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A headless CMS (Content Management System) is a CMS solution that focuses on content management without dictating a specific user interface or frontend. With a headless CMS, developers and content authors can work independently and reuse content across different channels (e.g. website, social media, and apps) and platforms.

We build modern websites that anyone can operate

Our publizer® is a headless CMS, or rather a communication suite, specifically designed for creating and distributing content for digital channels. The publizer® provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing content, as well as an API (Application Programming Interface) for delivering content to various platforms and applications.

Some of the advantages of publizer® as a headless CMS include:

The publizer® is a content management system that has grown over many years and has evolved with market requirements. Under the motto "Customers benefit from customers," every improvement and update is immediately available to all customers.

  • Easy to use: With publizer®, anyone in the company can create content.
  • Easy integration: publizer®'s API allows for seamless integration of content into various applications and platforms.
  • Reusability: publizer® allows for easy reuse of content in different places, saving time and resources.
  • Flexibility: publizer® offers the ability to create content in different formats and for different purposes, without being tied to a specific user interface or frontend.
  • Speed: publizer® already has AI-supported support systems integrated. With ChatGPT and DeepL, content can be created and translated even better and faster.
  • Security: 52 percent of hacks on WordPress sites occur through third-party plugins. publizer® has no plugins, providing more security against attacks.
  • Lower costs: The standard modules in publizer® cover about 90 percent of the most frequently mentioned requirements of companies for digital communication.

AdServer / AdManagement

Promote your products and events on your own website. Dynamically advertise your newsletter. With AdManagement in publizer®, you can easily display your own ads on your website/blog at defined positions based on specific keywords without programming knowledge.

publizer - admanagement
Corporate Blog

Approximately 70 percent of all companies publish current information about their business and industry on their website. A corporate blog with regularly updated content serves customer retention and search engine optimization (SEO). The built-in AI tools ChatGPT and DeepL allow for faster content creation and translation.

publizer - corporate blog
Corporate Events

Less than 30 percent of the companies we surveyed currently publish events on their website. Trade shows and webinars support both customer retention and acquisition. People buy from people, and that works best at trade shows. Inform your customers about when and where you’ll be.

publizer - corporate events
Corporate Jobs

With the job advertisements module in publizer®, companies have a tool to easily and structurally post jobs on their own website and on Google Jobs. The HR colleagues can handle it easily.

publizer - corporate jobs
Multichannel Publishing

As a headless CMS, publizer® provides the foundation for multichannel publishing. Publish your website content automatically or manually, individually or in packages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Co. This saves time and ultimately money because you no longer need any other tools. Of course, you can also connect custom digital channels, such as newsletters, through various APIs.

publizer - multichannel publishing
Roles and Rights Management

With publizer®, you can easily assign different roles and rights to users for each module. This allows everyone to work on the specific area of digital communication that belongs to them, keeping the user interface of publizer® clear.

publizer - roles und rights

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