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Founded in 1985, profi-con is a professional service provider for cleanroom cleaning in different areas: pharmaceutical industry, genetic engineering and biotechnology, medical engineering, microelectronics, semiconductor, optoelectronics, automotive and plastics engineering industries.
profi-con exclusively cleans well-defined cleanroom from the airlock inwards and offers customers a full-service system including all tasks in the field of cleaning.
Our staff receives a thorough initial training and is trained at regular intervals on the basis of an internal quality management system; staff members are permanent employees. The following are absolute musts for becoming a staff member at profi-con?s:
mastering of the German language, absolute reliability and being a non-smoker.
Man is one important link in the chain controlling the cleanliness of cleanrooms. Most faults and the most frequent contaminations result from improper behaviour of staff members. This, however, is also an opportunity. Precautions focused on the problem in hand allow early remedial action, arousing the awareness that is positively needed in cleanrooms. We offer you a wide range of training options to implement this idea in your company, in accordance with your requirements.

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