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Productivity Engineering GmbH

Company type

>50 million annual sales)·Large companies (>250 employees

Target markets

Machinery and Equipment


Research & Development


Analog·ASIC Supply Chain Management·ASIC-Design·ASICs·Capacitive Sensing·Digital ICs·LED driver ICs·Mixed-Signal·RFID



Ammonstrasse 35
01067 Dresden

Contact Person

Stefan Schubert
0351 89667377
Exec. VP IC Design

About this member

Productivity Engineering GmbH is a fabless IC house. PE offers development and design services in the field of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). Services include the development of specification, feasibility analysis, consulting, design of digital IP (Intellectual Property) or/and ICs based on HDL (Hardware Description Languages), ASIC-to-ASIC netlist conversions, FPGA-to-ASIC netlist conversions as well as mixed signal analog IP and/or ASICs using state-of-the-art EDA-tools (Electronic Design Automation).
Furthermore PE offers the complete supply chain from design, test, packaging and volume production of Integrated Circuits. PE GmbH is a member of Serma Group. More Information at http://www.pe-gmbh.com and http://www.groupe-serma-technologies.com



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