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High Vacuum Equipment Components·Refurbishment·Refurbishment and Finishing of Reactor Parts·Reinigung u. Endbearbeitung von Reaktorteilen


Energy Systems



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Products and Services:

Cleanpart Group is a leading provider of advanced engineering services for the semiconductor industry and related industries for over 30 years.
Cleanpart’s main focus is the cleaning, coating, repair, redesign and supply of recyclable parts in particle-sensitive production environments (PVD, CVD, CMP, Etch, Implant etc.) to achieve superior chamber performance. Cleanpart uses a broad range of cleaning methods, coating technologies, production know-how and advanced IT solutions.
We achieve this by combining

  • More than 30 years of experience in the field.
  • A Passionate focus on the customer
  • Advanced chemical, mechanical and process engineering technologies
  • Our ability to rapidly develop custom solutions understanding the specifics of a particular customer’s process

Cleanpart’s emphasis on non-abrasive cleaning methods achieves the longest parts-life and highest performance available in the industry.

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