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Katana Labs is a startup from Dresden, Germany, that aims to revolutionize image-based analysis of tumor tissues through the use of artificial intelligence. For this purpose, Katana Labs has developed the cloud-based software platform PAIKON, on which various apps for different cancer entities are developed and distributed. The target market is clinical pathology as well as research and development projects in the field of spatial biology in the MedTech and pharmaceutical industries.

The need for analysis of medical image data in the field of histopathological cancer diagnostics is growing massively. However, these increasing numbers of cases in cancer treatment on the one hand and an increasing shortage of skilled pathologists on the other hand hardly allow for more than the simplest basic care in the foreseeable future. At the same time, however, personalized medicine is opening up completely new ways of diagnosing and treating cancer, but is also drastically increasing the demands for analysis.

Through automated detection and classification of cancer tissues, tumor cells and biomarkers by Artificial Intelligence, PAIKON is an enabler technology. In doing so, PAIKON is very easily available and applicable globally for customers as a cloud-based framework. The increase in efficiency, error reduction, time and cost savings made possible by PAIKON will enable pathologists to provide first-class cancer diagnostics in the future as well.

But also in the medtech and pharma sector, Katana Labs can enable a significant contribution to the faster development of biomarkers as well as to the development of companion diagnostics-based therapies through its AI-supported algorithms in the evaluation of histopathological image data of tumor tissues.

Expertise & Services in Computer Vision - Deep Learning - Data Science


Walter de Back
CTO & Product Development

Image Analysis

Our industry-leading AI algorithms detect and characterise cell and tissue structure. We specialise in nuclei segmentation and intracellular signal detection in medical image data.

We offer multidimensional measurements to support large-scale tissue analysis for the development of new biomarkers and treatments.

We can help your R&D team in pharma, biotech and CRO analyse medical image data by building machine learning and data analytics pipelines targeted to their specific needs.

Spatial Analysis

Our AI-powered Spatial Biology reveals the spatial organisation of cells and tissues and morphological relationships, allowing us to capture interactions between different cell types such as immune and tumour cells.

This deepens the understanding of cancer biology, identifies potential new biomarkers and improves patient stratification.

With our experienced team of pathologists, data analysts and AI experts, we can jointly develop customised solutions that translate big tissue data into actionable results.

Laboratory Services

Katana Labs is building a state-of-the-art laboratory to provide staining and scanning services that deliver high quality, standardised images.

We understand this in terms of a model lab, with which we can generate first-class data in a secured framework. Such unbiased data then forms the basis for machine learning and training AI networks.

So you can trust us to deliver standards of quality and data consistency that can set new standards for your research.

  • Digital microscope in the web browser for the analysis of whole slide images
  • AI-powered analysis to detect & classify cells, count and measure interactions between specific gene signals
  • Ease-of-use and workflow integration through co-development with pathologists
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
    PAIKON is an artificial intelligence (AI)- and cloud-based stand-alone software platform for the recognition and segmentation of tumour and non-tumour cell nuclei and the detection of corresponding gene signals of marker genes hybridised via DNA probes as well as their conversion into measurement and characteristic variables relevant for corresponding in situ hybridisation (ISH) protocols. For this purpose, PAIKON uses digital image data from histological thin-section preparations of patients with histologically confirmed tumours and is applied by physicians and/or trained medical laboratory personnel on computers designed for this purpose.
Cloud-based platform for AI-assisted image analysis


Dr. Falk Zakrzewski
COO & Customer Project Coordination

Integrated apps:

HER2 FISH analysis (ready for RUO deployment).

HER2 FISH testing is the gold standard for determining HER2 status in breast and gastric cancer patients, enabling the development of personalised treatment plans and improving patient outcomes.

PAIKON helps pathologists localise cell nuclei and gene signals and quantify HER2 (ERBB2) and CEN17 (CEP17) signaling ratios.

PAIKON saves time by automating the tedious detection and counting of signals. It improves accuracy through detailed data analysis. And it facilitates documentation by providing shareable links to ROIs.

HER2 CISH analysis (in development)

The CISH (chromogenic ISH) assay provides a cost-effective HER2 assay using a bright-field microscope, while preserving tissue morphology and allowing for long-term storage.

PAIKON for CISH-HER2 testing assists pathologists in the time-consuming process of locating nuclei suitable for analysis and quantifying HER2 and CEN17 gene signals.


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