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Human Machine Interface·In-Car Communication·Navigation & Driving Assistance·Software Defined Radio/Tuner·Telematics and Data Services





Gewerbepark Merbitz 5
01156 Dresden

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Katleen Grumbt
Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager

About this member

TechniSat – the name stands for quality. TechniSat Digital GmbH was founded in 1987 by Peter Lepper, with the objective of producing high-quality satellite reception products for consumers.

The decision to establish our own development and production in Germany was made as early as 1990. The high quality standard TechniSat sets itself is evident in the products as well as in development and production: an eye is kept not only on functionality and ease of use, but also on environmental considerations.

Over the time the range of products offered has been continually expanded. Apart from satellite antenna, the whole product range of digital receivers for the various international markets was added. Today, TechniSat produces digital receivers for the reception of digital satellite, cable and terrestrial (DVBS/-C/-T) television. In addition, the TechniSat range of products includes multi-switches, head stations, accessories for installation, etc.
Furthermore, TechniSat has been able to establish itself as a leading quality producer in the fields of LCD TV sets, car communications – car radios and navigation systems – as well as PC components, securing a significant market share in Germany

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