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Friedrichgrüner Str. 11-13
08262 Muldenhammer

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Geschäftsführer und Inhaber Jan-Erik Kunze
Geschäftsführer und Inhaber von IK Elektronik; Ansprechpartner für Entwicklung, Marketing, Personal und Vertragswesen.
Geschäftsführer und Inhaber Jan-Erik Kunze

About this member

IK Elektronik is specialized in the development and production of radio electronics. The independent, middlesized company is based in Muldenhammer / Vogtland, as well as in Dresden. 

Taylor made radio electronics - development and production

IK Elektronik develops and supplies customised radio electronics, precisely tailored to individual requirements.

Product examples are antennas, radio modules, complete radio systems and devices or embedded software for radio applications.

We maintain long-standing partnerships with our customers, for example in the energy sector, industry, consumption data acquisition and metering, smart home and building technology, smart city, security technology, avionics and many others.

More than 450 different products have been developed by IK Elektronik and more than 500 products have been manufactured and delivered in quantities of up to approx. 100,000 per year.

Founded in 1996, the owner-managed company employs more than 50 employees.

Radio Modules by IK Elektronik

Important components for the Internet of Things

IK Elektronik offers small, flexible and powerful modules for the frequency range from 791 MHz to 5.725 GHz. All antennas of this ZIP family are suitable for SMT assembly and are available both loose and strapped. Additional test boards are available for testing and integrating the antennas.

Antenna development is a central topic at IK Elektronik. Extensive experience and references are available from numerous projects. For the measurement of radio transceivers, radio transmitters or antennas in the frequency range 300 MHz to 6 GHz, an antenna measuring room is available at IK Elektronik / Muldenhammer. 
Antennas for all radio applications in the frequency range between 300 MHz and 6 GHz can be measured with regard to their properties such as polar pattern, gain, efficiency and polarization. The measurements can be carried out in conjunction with electronics development, electronics manufacturing and also as a service for the company’s customers. 

IK Elektronik provides powerful CAD tools for antenna development and antenna optimization.

Radio module

The transmission of data via radio to the cloud is one of the central scopes in the development of IK Elektronik.
New technical and organizational challenges for the infrastructure in the transmission and storage of information and electrical energy have to be solved.

The StromPager DX from IK Elektronik is a receiver that can be used to control energy grids via a nationwide and secured radio network: Energy network operators and municipal utilities are thus able to switch consumers and energy producers off and on quickly, safely and very precisely and thus carry out load balancing in their energy networks.

With Variomesh, IK Elektronik offers wireless technology for easy networking of wireless sensors and actuators such as street lights or monitoring equipment. It is especially designed for sensor wireless networks where low energy consumption is important and a large number of participants need to be connected while covering a large area under variable conditions.

Power Pager DX

IK Elektronik develops numerous products for smart homes:

• Sensors for detecting conditions such as temperature, light intensity, volume, humidity, gases, movement and others,

• Actuators for controlling power units, valves or switches, e.g. for heating, lighting, shading, doors and gates, locks or water,

• Interfaces to the operator such as room control unit, smartphone, voice or gesture control,

• Central or decentralised control units with control software,

• Communication technology by radio or wire.

Conception of products with radio interface

As an independent development and manufacturing service provider, we always recommend scheduling a professional design phase in which all requirements of a product and project are checked and defined.
Sample setups are also possible to test and evaluate all properties.

In this way, we ensure that everything that is needed can be realized:  ALL IN

Mobile phone smoke detector from LUPUS Electronics

IK Elektronik develops and manufactures a wide range of measuring devices for the consumption data recording of heat, water, gas and electricity.

The requirements for the devices are high, such as battery life, high-performance wireless technologies, reliable data acquisition, mechanical robustness and discreet design.


In addition to the measuring devices, reading devices, data collectors or concentrators, gateways as an interface to mobile communications, Internet, LoRa or other services are required. Recent developments deal with the use of smart meter gateways for the transmission of consumption data and close the gap between the separate worlds of consumption data collection of electricity, gas, water and heating.

IK graphic of wireless network in a building

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